Nosferatu questions

Howdy, have some questions about the energy nosferatu.

1.) Does this work on enemy npcs assuming the conditions are met?

2.) If I’m using a nosferatu on a target, but have more capacitor, does the target still get drained and I just don’t get any energy back or do both effects only work if I have lower total energy than the target?

Thanks for any insight. Fly safe.

npcs generally have unlimited cap, so iirc nos generally doesn’t work on them.

Yes Nos works on NPC’s, I use Nos while running 10/10’s and always start draining from NPC Battleships when I only have about 25% Cap Left

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  1. Yes. If you have less capacitor than the NPC you can drain some from him.

  2. No. Both effects will only work when you have less capacitor than the target. If you have more capacitor the Nosferatu will do nothing to him, and also give no cap to you.

Nos modules can sometimes be very useful in spare high slots for PVE. You can drain a few cycles from NPC’s. Useful to supplement your own cap when it gets low. (the amount you can drain seems to depend on the size of the NPC. Small NPC’s give only small total amount, etc.)

However, NPC capacitor works different in some ways:

For Nosferatu - they have a finite (limited) supply you can drain. After that you won’t get anything from them, and have to switch the Nos to a different NPC.

For their own weapons and modules - Their own weapons and modules don’t seem to use cap. No matter how much you Nos and Neutralize them they keep shooting. Which can sometimes give the impression that they have infinite cap - but it reality it just means their systems seem to be not cap dependent. (NPC’s are sneaky :slight_smile: ) In other words, no matter how much you nos/neut them, their weapons/modules/repairs won’t switch off.

yes nos “works” on npcs, however most NPCs are based on ancient designs so expect npc battleships to only have ~3500 cap or so. That’s great if you are flying a smaller ship, but if you are also in a battleship you won’t be getting much cap back.

I say “works” because NPC guns and tanks don’t care about the NPC ship’s cap.

their stats should be on NPC Ships

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