Nosferatu/Neutralizer stops npc dread repair?

Howdy, I’ve heard from different sources and have read conflicting reports that using a nosferatu or neutralizer on a npc capital will stop it from activating repair or shield boosters. The way I understand it is if I use a nosferatu or neutralizer on say a Sansha Dreadnought that it will still shoot at me, but will not repair itself. I’m wondering if there is any truth to this and if so, does it work instantly or do I need to drain the npc for some time before the repair stops? Thanks for the help.

Rats have unlimited cap (and ammo). You can’t cap out them. While NOS will work and will give you extra cap. This won’t affect rat (NPC) ability to use modules.

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First of all I wonder which Newbro is fighting Sansha Dreadnoughts :wink:

Word is that you cannot drain NPCs - but they do react to draining. Some time ago I released a pointed fleet member by attacking his NPC foes in my Ashimmu and draining the pointer. The point stopped immediately and my teammate was able to warp away.
But these were frigates and Cruisers, I have no clue how a Capital ship will react.

My guess is that you just took aggro on yourself. Any ewar bumps threat level really hard on NPC’s.

I wasn’t pointed though, so the neuting did the desired job.

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