Visible capacitor level

My idea is to have the capacitor level visible on all ships including NPC since capacitor capacity determines that effectiveness of modules been active or not is a tactical information and determines gameplay and the usability of power neutralizer and power vampires and the ability to turn off a module at NPC ships like MWD and AFB and other defensive and defensive capabilities therefore making capacitor capacity visibility tactical information determining the outcome of a fight as Shields and armor, also taking the PVE player one step closer to PVP tactics.

NPC’s have infinite capacitor. They can’t be neuted out. They also have infinite ammo and can use weapon types on ships that we can’t use them on, and their ships have more weapon slots than ours do.

As a side note, NPC ships don’t have modules. They are scripted. You can use a ship scanner on it all you want and nothing will show up.


You can already do that:



This, you just have to use the right module slot to get this information.

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Isn’t there some wonkiness about later implemented ships like drifters or diamond rats that actually do have a pseudo-capacitor which lets players nos out a certain amount of cap? Or something like that at anyway.

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And why is it a module?


You can opt to have that additional information if you wish, but it comes with a cost. If you don’t want to have that cost and fit, say, a cap module or a weapon disruptor, then you can do so.

Eve is a game about choices and consequences.
As well as a social game.
And underwater billiards.
Eve is many things.
Your choice.

Actually, using neuts and nos you can get a good feel for what the capacitor state of an enemy ship is.
Generally you know his capacitor is worse than he hoped.
(Nos doesn’t work if the target has less cap than you.)

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