Jamming NPCs

Is it not possible to jam NPC ships like the Guristas? I tried using my Blackbird and it didn’t jam the rats.

The mechanics of ECM were changed a while back, the ship you jam can ALWAYS now target you back.

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So what’s the point of jamming?

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Jamming is more for PVP now to break up logi

None. It’s just CCP being CCP.

During successful jamming cycles the NPC can still target and shoot you. But he cannot target anyone else.

As Anthony said it is used to prevent remote repairs if the NPC is a logistics ship.

For example: In the Team Anomic (Burner) missions you can jam the 1st logistics ship to prevent him from doing repairs, while you shoot the 2nd logistics ship. It is one way to complete these missions. (Of course there is also another quicker way to complete these missions without ECM, by using a Garmur polarized launchers to do higher dps than what he can repair)


Point of jamming is to break the locks of the target. They can still target you so in a solo situation it has few applications (still stops people from remote boosting/repping allies) but if you’re in a group you can stop enemies from attacking your allies.

Think of it like a taunt in some other games.



more like null-sec csm than ccp . ratting carriers caught by hot-drops were having their fighters jammed . the current ridiculous ecm mechanic , implemented without player feedback or warning , was the solution .

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The current ECM mechanic is also useful for people who fight NPC’s that jam, for example Guristas. (I’m mentioning this because the opening post was about NPC’s) CCP kinda mentioned this reason when they introduced the new mechanic, although I cannot remember all the other reasons.

Previous old game mechanic - if a NPC jammed you he would go HA HA HA HA HA - You could not target anything, not even him. You were completely jammed. Can’t shoot anyone. (unless you had drones out already, or were using auto targeting missiles etc.)

New mechanic - You can lock and shoot back at the jamming ship and ‘break’ his ECM jam by destroying him. Take that Gurista jammer! :slight_smile:

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