Please Reduce tank on E-war Npc's

Your shooting a bunch of npc’s with 2x eccm mods fitted and then you get jamed so you shoot the ship thats jamming and you get to 10% shields left on the npc ship only to have it jam you 3 cycles in a row and when you lock again its full hp… please make all e-war npc’s have much lower tank or regen.

It’s very anouying.

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Have you tried fitting a sensor booster with an ECCM script?

Using 2 as already stated

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Marauders can be imune but otherwise use drones with agressive stance.

low sec fw missions in a frig, not taking a marauder there xD

fof missiles and make sure the jamming guy is closest to you?

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Using a gun ship, all my skills are in gunnery.

Idk then.

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Maybe some balancing is in order if missiles/drones are the only option.

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You forgot drones with missiles as in fighters:) but not in your case

Gecko would be very funny if it fired missiles it’s a big fat drone anyway.


Would be even more funny if the gecko fired FoF missiles and damaged it’s own mother ship xD

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The only last resort thing i can think of to your 2 medslot thingy is to fit an ecm burst and a cap injector get in range with heated burst and maybe it’ll jam them and reset them

If you cant beat them join them.

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Sounds like playing another game is less frustrating at that point thou lol, would rather the game gets some adjustment’s and it being more playable for everyone.

Get a Marauder. ECM problem solved.

Your not too good at reading xD


You’re not very good at ECCM. :rofl:

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You would jump gates in low sec in your maruader : ??? interesting let me know where you are.

Yip I suck at eccm I train my eccm modules daily with lots of exercise and healthy meal’s I try to remain positive and be a good roll model for them but I might be missing something in their training.

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FW is for plebs.

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Rich from a high secor :]

I like my high-sec toys, no doubt about it.