Dealing with jams in solo pvp

ability to boost your sensor strength by shutting down other systems such as your guns, your tank, damage mods, propulsion etc. by boosting your sensor strength you are able to more quickly lock on to enemy ships while you are being jammed as well as reduce the chances of getting jammed again next cycle, so that you can at least apply some counter pressure with your jam drones or do some damage with your drones or apply neut pressure or keep the target scrammed/pointed. alternatively this could be a rig/module/drones/script that gives you the ability to transfer power into sensors, the drawback could be that it randomly selects how much max sensor strength you would get for each system that you offline. though you probably would need the ability to put those systems back online again without too many issues after you dealt with the jam ships. also it takes a few seconds to transfer power into sensors after you offline your guns for example, its not instant

you can boost your sensor strength, it is called Sensor Booster with ECCM script.

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I now understand what it’s like to have ADHD; I tried to read this post…several times in fact, I honestly did. The rant-o-tron reads off the chart though and I’m afraid between the complete lack of sentence structure, poor grammar, and statistical likelihood of this just being a “nerf ecm” thread, I just couldn’t make it through.

Try some formatting next time.

That’s why you don’t “solo” PvP without an ewar ship of your own.

Sensor booster.

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