ECM resistance

Read the upcoming ECM changes (suggestions)

Instead of ccps proposed change, what do you guys think of adding pilot/ship increased resistance to a successful jam cycle?
Sensor Boosters would add to the amount of resistance gained by the pilot, while Signal Distortion Amps would reduce the amount of resistance the target gains.

Multiple ECM ships would not stack/add up with each other, Players being jammed by multiple ECM ships would develop a resistance to each individual ecm ship. In large fleets ECM pilots would need to coordinate with each other to cycle targets so their jams will apply to those that have not built up a massive resistance. In solo fights (and small gang to a degree), there is hope that if you can survive a few cycles you will be able to keep on fighting and not just sit there and die.

Your thoughts?

You know there is something called “ECCM” right?

Yes, I do.

… Youll now be able to shoot the jammer as ECM will be useless solo.

With what ccp has proposed, yes.

If your suggestions are instead of that, you need to make that clearer.

Fair enough, will edit post.

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yes …

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