Help with getting tackled

im using Warp core stabalizers and a ECM jammer but still never break a warp jam, any advice?

ECM Jammers allow whoever you are jamming to lock you back. Try using ECM drones instead as the person can only lock the drones and not you if your drones get a successful jam.

i shhould clarify, what should i do to stop from getting warp jammed, so i can run

What are you flying? That might help.

And a 1938 Spitfire had a 2 bladed wooden prop and a carburetor! :stuck_out_tongue:

JK, love that aircraft!

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a heron

1 warp wcs wont help. I suggest you do a lot of research with google. A tough answer but this is a hard game to learn and solo makes it even harder.

Find a corp that you like. You learn faster with teachers.

Edit; I hear a lot of complaints from new players saying I cant get any help, I’m just told to go chk google. There a reason for that. All we can do to help (unless your sitting right next to us) is link you google links so you can learn. If you want to get ahead in this game, you have to do some homework first.


Agreed. Minimum of 2 needed. And if multiple ships lock and scram you, nothing you can do.

I was in am Imicus the other day and guy at a gate camp tried to warp scram me. I got away (barely) because I had 2 warp stabs.

yeah, i have 2 WCS, still get locked, thanks all

Paying attn to d-scan is your only hope. Even then…

Best advice I can give as an X Hunter is if you see a probe of any type, GET OUT! :smile: Depends what space your in but you get the point.

I use a faction point with a power of 3. Most do.

Changes seem to be coming though. For now we’ll have to wait and see.

Never give up, Never surrender! - YouTube

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Though Core scanner probes aren’t dangerous (unless you’re also scanning and end up at the same anomaly as the other guy and he starts shooting at you!).

It’s Combat scanner probes (usually Sister probes) that are the immediate danger.

You see combat probes on dscan and you’re being hunted!!

I find that, I find you. You don’t even think there’s a threat.

My wife’s toon can scan down a frig in 2 clicks. The probes are back on board before most can even catch them on d-scan.

Amazing skills.

Decade old accts. Thats my point, dont try to catch up to fast with injecters. Experiance matters more. Again…

This is no joke.

Take your time in high sec. Don’t try to get rich overnight. Make sure the game is right for you. And whatever you do, don’t pay rl cash for anything more than a monthly sub.


hah, i got 2months of training qued up, most in scanning

At least your interested!

Train up some nav skills so you ship is more agile. The idea being to not get caught at all. If you catch him on d-scan and hit warp, an agile ship has a chance to get away. There’s far more to it than that but that’s the general idea.

Try to tank a frig in what your trying to do is almost pointless. lol

im trrying to get in a buzzard, love explorting data sites

I hunt explorers using two scrams, since so many explorers fit warp core stabs. You would need a minimum of 4 (5 if I were to fit a faction scram) stabs in order to escape. This is not possible on a heron.

Your best bet is to not get scrammed in the first place. A cloaked hunter, such as an astero, has a delay of > 5 seconds before he can begin to lock you after decloaking. At to that a 1-2 second lock time, and you have a minimum of 6 seconds to get away after he decloaks. If you fit your ship to align in less than 3 seconds (this is fairly easy to do on a frigate) that leaves 3 seconds reaction time, which is plenty unless you are asleep at the wheel.

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There are multiple ways to get out when you’re tackled.

First, how are you tackled?

  • warp disruption has long range, strength 1
  • warp scramble has short range, turns off your MWD, strength 2 (or 3 if faction)
  • warp bubble stops any warp when you’re inside
  • webifier, while not a real tackle, slows your ship so you stay in range of the bubble, point or scram
  • special bonused scrams and points from heavy interdictors, maulus navy issues, keres and more ships can have extra range or strength bonuses

If you know the detail of the possible dangers, you can prepare ways to get out depending on what you expect is going to be tackling you.

Next, how will you get out?

  • make the ship that tackles you stop tackling you by
    – killing the ship
    – having more warp core stability strength with WCS than the enemy ship has with scram and point
    – getting out of range (with propulsion module or webs) and/or by slingshotting (look this up)
    – breaking their lock on you (with ECM drones or ECM burst, or by significantly reducing their lock range with targeting range damps)
    – turning off their modules by draining their capacitor with neutralizers
  • alternatively, have friends and or alts nearby to chase or kill it

Have an exit strategy before you get caught, or fly cheap enough that it doesn’t matter much once you get caught. :stuck_out_tongue:

Preventive: how not to get caught in the first place:

  • keep an eye on local chat for possible threats
  • keep an eye on your dscan for possible threats
  • be ready to align and warp off, or even better, be already aligned out to warp off when you expect someone to catch you
  • fly something that can quickly align and cannot be easily caught
  • let someone scout ahead
  • … and you can probably find more things yourself once you get more experience! :wink:

As you were in a Heron, I assume tackled inside a data or relic site, there are multiple things you could do. First: don’t get tackled. You should see any ship that can tackle you coming, either on dscan, or because it decloaks right next to you which gives you more than 5 seconds to align out and warp off before they can start targeting you, which is plenty of time if you’re prepared to warp off immediately.

In case they do manage to tackle you, because it’s either a cloaky interdictor with bubble, or a bomber that can immediately target after uncloaking, or because you were too slow warping out, you could turn on your afterburner, web the enemy and try to fly away and hope you get out of scram range before you die.

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Thanks Gerard! that exactly what i was looking for, i’ll try to paste that on eve university

well the update is an interesting change, seems like its going to make escape more difficult