Is this a bug or do i just suck?

I got owned by an NPC with one warp scrambler in a level 4, even though I had fitted a warp core stabilizer. How many of those damn things do I need to fit to warp away from one NPC? Ive gotten away from warp scramblers in low sec with one fitted just fine.

Petition-able or just my hard luck?

Bad luck and fit an MJD as GTHO joker. And don’t run missions in an incursion system.

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Damn!!! First Ive heard of them. In Eve, ignorance is costly.

Large or Medium Micro Jump Drive. Jumps you 100km away from your current location unless you are actually scrambled which no mission NPC do.

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Well this one did, and others have in other L4 missions before where Ive gotten away. I always fit one stabilizer. Now Im doing two. Very rare, but mission NPCs do warp scramble.

There is a difference between warp disrupting and warp scrambling. Care to tell what NPC it was?

OK, what are the differences? Ive always thought of it as warp scrambling.

The difference between Warp Disruptor and Scrambler is:

  • Disruptor only has a scramble strength of 1 and long optimal range.
  • Scramber has a scramble strength of 2 (3 if faction) but has limited range (9km for T2), and will disable MJD/MWDs.
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In that case, I dont remember exactly what it was. Thanks for the info.

your welcome, my advice would be to take notice of the ships Warp Scrambling you and kill those first.

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The problem is that NPC always “scramble”: They use the scramble graphics, the UI tells you you are scrambled, yet you can MJD, you can MWD.

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Just out of curiosity, what kind of issues have you had?

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Also the “point” is quite limited to a range of about 10 km.
So if you can burn away, you may leave scramble range. Kill scrambling frigs first, because you won’t outrun them.
I propose to use the slots for speed or/and agility instead of warp core stabilizers, for these stabilzers give you a wrong feeling of safety.
Alternatively you can get more DPS by additional weapon upgrades or more tank in these low slots.

And yet, the only person who wasnt helpful in this thread, and who was an asshole, was you.

“Game is full of assholes”. -The only asshole in a “please help” thread

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Chances are, you were warp disrupted by more than one.

If you have a single warp core stabilizer, it will only help mitigate a single warp disruptor. Warp core stabilizers will add a +1 to your warp core strength. A warp disruptor will add a -1 to your warp core strength. So if two warp disruptors are on you, that is a -2, and you will not be able to warp.

Dont fit warp core stabilizers on your battleship, by the way. Very poor performance. I cant see your entire fit, but Bhaalgorns are also very poor against NPCs, because the main reason for going with a bhaalgorn is the neuting power, and neuts are not effective against NPCs.


I love the Bhaalgorns for their 100% boost to large energy turret damage. I also found that I do get some cap from nos-ing NPCs. Over time I start pulling less and less GJ from them, but they still put up a fight, use shields and reppers…but it does help my cap level a little.

Im undecided on the warp core stabilizers. They take up valuable slot space, but if a fast frigate stays on you, they are hard to MWD away from in something as slow as a battleship.

In my scenario I had plenty of armor and hull but was running low on cap. I had just killed the last trigger ship and a new wave was coming in. I was getting ready to warp out to recharge when the little frigate got within range and warp scrambled me. I didn’t panic, my drones and perhaps a lucky shot would get it…but like I said, my cap was low.

Im watched my armor slowly go down to nothing…then the hull started chipping away. It was surreal. The only thing that might have saved me was some ECM which I didnt have. But even if I did, my cap was down to zero.

Major cringe moment when you realize your expensive battleship is going to be blown away because of a stupid little frigate.

Im saving up for a new one. (I accept donations)

The mission is Level 4 - Buzz Kill (which sucks and I will skip over next time)

Only one scrambler graphic showed up on my screen and overview. Ive had more than one before, but this time it was only one.

I understand what you are saying. Ive actually been at Eve for many years but quit soon after starting so though Im old in age, I’m young in experience. The reasons for quitting often had to do with the community. Im noticing though that it has softened down a bit. Did the hardcore gamers move on to something else?

But seriously, where else are you going to get a space based MMO? Star Wars the Old Republic? Meh…not even close. Or the never beta-ending crowd funding $tar Citizen?

Kill or die - that’s the thrill. When you are scrammed and webbed and right on your way into hull, all you can do is just to overheat every active module and kill that bastard. Recently saved a Tempest that way, I was lucky the sleeper BS had a weaker hull than me…

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Fair enough. :slight_smile:

Everyone should play with ships that they prefer/like.
But do understand that there are other ships out there that can pump out more damage for much, MUCH less than a Bhaalgorn hull.

Also… shields AND repper???
If you don’t mind… could you post your fit?

I think part of the reason you lost your ship may have been due to some serious fittings issues combined with lack of tactical knowhow.

Simply put; don’t.
One warp core stabilizer reduces your targeting range and speed by HALF.
A second one HALVES that HALF.

And that is on top of giving up a precious low-slot of a module that could be better spent on damage or armor enhancement

Regarding escape from a frigate, see below.

I can empathize with you on the surreal part. :slight_smile:

But ECM is not the answer.
When it comes down to “point defense” only a few things will reliably work:

  • Gain range: Slap a MicroJumpDrive on your battleship. Their entire purpose is to give BSs greater mobility.
    – (continuing from the above point) Nuke smaller targets at range as Large weapons (of all types) are bad at taking out small, fast targets up close.
  • Webs: Everything applies damage better when the target is not moving fast.
  • Target Painters: If you want to shoot at things very far away (see: outside of Web range) then this is your go-to. Apply it on anything you (or your drones) are shooting so that the target’s “sensor footprint” is larger and more damage is applied.
  • Drones: The lil guys are you best friends. Be sure to bring spares if you can and the right type for the job
    – If you are too lazy to look up specifics; bring Gallente drones for pretty much everything except Angel Cartel. For Angel Cartel, use Caldari or Minmatar drones.


There is one other thing I just thought of.

If you are caught by a frigate with no way to kill it and you see lots of damage coming your way, change your focus to taking out as much DPS on the field as possible. Then, when you are in a relatively stable position… call for assistance from other players.

Things to know when asking for help:

  • Do not accept a duel. Nothing about a duel will help in you in a context like this. It only invites a player to shoot you and kill you (or kill them if you are prepared).
  • Joining a person’s fleet in high-sec WILL NOT change the rules of engagement. People cannot shoot you willy nilly without invoking the wrath of CONCORD.
  • If someone takes loot from the wrecks of ships you have destroyed… they may go “suspect.”
    – Note: Going “suspect” (see: blinky yellow / red) does not mean people can shoot you… it simply means YOU can shoot them… IF YOU CHOOSE TO. If you do not attack them, they cannot attack you.
  • If the “leader” of the fleet initiates warp, you can cancel it by pressing “ctrl” and “space” at the same time. Alternatively, click 0 m/s on your speed counter.
  • They may ask for a reward. Or a ransom. Either be prepared to pay or willing to wait it out until a more kindly person answers your call.