Warp Core Stabilizer Fail?

I recognize I was certainly taking a risk going through this system. But I’m not quite sure how I was unable to warp away from these guys, as the disruptor listed was only a Level 1 and I should have had 2 levels with my stabilizers. Perhaps the other guy was disrupting or scrambling me with a Level 2+, but is there anything else I might be missing? See my second screenshot down below.

The Loki probably had a scrambler yes. You can ask him in game by looking for his profile in “People and places”.

Hey that’s my friend and fellow corpmate o/

But yeah, his alt most likely used a point and a scram, which means he had 3 warp scrambling levels, and would consequently have required 3 warp core stabilisers.

Those modules can help you against a solo tackler but is unlikely to help against organised people or even gatecamp fleets, so I’d suggest scouting ahead or simply upgrading to cloaky haulers if you plan to move high value goods in the future.

Faction scrams have 3 points, loki probably had one.

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Thanks for the replies! Eposz Asques, what’s the best way to scout ahead?

If you’re Omega learn about the cloak/MWD trick. If you learn to execute that correctly it will make your trips a whole lot safer.

Warp scrambler and useless warp stabilizer, 2 stupidest items in the game.

Saved my ass many times lol.

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