Warp Scram/Disruptor VS Warp Core Stablizer

Right now in game you can fit as many warp disruptors or scramblers to a ship as you want. However you can only fit one warp core stabilizer to any ship. The balance feels off here. Either limit disruptors and scrams to 1 total so max possible is 2 points of scram or 1 of each so max possible is 3 points of scram. If 1 of each is the way they go then make tech 2 stabilizers have -3 points of scram strength. Another option is change the limit to 2 stabilizers netting -4 points of scram. Not saying this is the only way to balance it, just my thoughts on the matter.


I feel like this is a troll. But in the interest that you’re actually serious, I shalt break it down for you.


Longer expo: Its balanced because 1 WCS will keep you safe from generally 1:1 encounters. If they got more well, you were always gonna die.

Can you fit more than one scram? Of course. Will it gimp your fit, esp 1 on 1? More than likely.

And then again, yes, if its a fleet you were always gonna die anyways.

So TLDR: No, its already balanced you’re wecome thankee for coming to my EVEtalk.

And if I want to scram two enemies at once?

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I think the balance of warp core stabilizers versus warp scram/disruptor is pretty good these days. Much better than before the changes.

Yes, people can fit any number of scrams and disruptors on their ship, but nobody does that unless they’re specifically looking to catch someone with warp core stabilizers. And most of the time that is not the case, as most of the people are not flying with warp core stabilizers due to the heavy combat penalties of the warp core stabilizers.

The only thing I would like to see changed is to give faction warp core stabilizers +3 strength, to mirror the faction warp scrambler strength of -3.

This would allow players to get just that little extra edge for a bigger risk (higher cost) and most importantly: would make the scram versus warp stabilizer battle a bit less predictable.


Your argument seems to be that just because soemone brought 2 ships i am required to die?

No, ■■■■ you, let me strip all of my tank out of low slots so i can fill it with warp stabs. I shouldn’t have to die just because two people turned up instead of one.

In fact. I fully support your suggestion of a single stab, if only 1 ship can target me at a time. Seems fair.

Required? No. More likely? Yes :smiley:

Mm that’s a negative hoss. It was like that for a long time and now they changed it.

Cry moar :smiley:

Nah, I agree with him, I should be able to fit as many stabs as I want. n+1 makes for boring gameplay. Bring better ships to kill me, not more.

N+1 is a fact of life LOL.

Then fly a better ship :smiley: Use a venture to haul and put a stab. You get +4 :smiley:

In an unrelated point I actually think the stabs should be +3 because of Shadow Serpentis Warp Scrambler and the like. I actually rely on align time tbh.

I think its perfectly reasonable to swap tank for warp stability. Might get one shot by a tornado camp, but will get away from the 5 catalysts. All about choices, in this case it’s yet another case of CCP wanting you to blow up more so you buy more plex.

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