Help a dumb girl out - Warp Core Stabilisers

WCS How do these work, I have heard some conflicting information.

A deep space transport ship has +2 built into the hull. If someone scrams/disrupts me with +2 can i not warp? And I have been told it works on a cycle and some cycles fail?

If I add a wcs to my DST does that mean I have +4 and he needs +4 to stop me from warping?


WCS and warp disruption is not a chance based mechanic. If you have more stabilization than they have disruption, you can always warp away.

If you’re in a DST, and are hit with 2 points of disruption, you can still warp away. It takes 3 to stop you.

Be aware that different modules have different disruption strengths.

Warp Disruptors tend to have a single point of disruption. Faction Heavy disruptors can have 4.

Scrams tend to have 2 points. However, there are faction variants with more. an officer heavy scram can have 10, for example. Faction non heavy tend to have 3.

To complicate matters a little: Bubbles ignore this, so you just can’t warp if you’re in one. So a HIC or DIC will block you.

A WCS only provides a single point of protection. so if you add one to a DST, you have 3 points, so they need to hit you with 4 points of disruption.


Thanks that clears things up somewhat, what are faction heavy disruptor’s can they only be used by battleships?

Yes, Heavy Disruptor/Scrambler/Web… etc. are “only” possible to fit on Battleship size or bigger, Faction mods have various bonuses; in case of Heavy Warp Disruptor(s) it will provide increased range and an additional point of strength to a total of +4. Scramblers however only have smaller reach (upto 22% increase in range) 2 extra points of Scramble strength bringing it to a total of +8, which will be enough for most sub Capital ships if not all regardless of how they are fit.

In order for you to successfully prevent warp capability you will have to reduce the targets Warp Stability to -1, so for DST that has a native +2 Stab you would need atleast +3 strength Scrambler or multiple Warp Scramblers/Disruptors mods on it to prevent it from warping.


To zero only. Every vessel’s warp core has an intrinsic +1 stabilization value. A single warp disruptor point applied reduces that to 0 and you can’t warp. With each additional warp core stabilizer fitted you gain +1 protection. DSTs already have a +2 wired into the hull, hence you need 3 points applied to prevent warp.

That’s all a matter of how you conceive of it in your head.

You said: all unbonused ships start at 1 and can’t warp at 0. Apply 1pt and warp is cancelled.

He said: all unbonused ships start at 0 and can’t warp at -1. Apply 1pt and warp is cancelled.

It means exactly the same but since there is no mention of an intrinsic +1 anywhere, the ISD’s explanation is clearer. A DST or venture gets +2, so it’s at 0+2=2, you need to apply 3pts to bring it to -1 and cancel warp. Unless you are afraid of negative numbers (which you would encounter whenever a ship applies more points than needed any ways), there is no reason to add 1 to every ship.


You are right, the result looks the same. I’m always counting from 1, and seems easier for me to grasp. Not sure where I read it, but there was a guide (ingame text?) explaining it that way.

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just got a little more confused in game speaking to someone, Is it right that when you are warp scrambled/disrupted you also can’t jump through a gate or dock at a station?

Depends, subcaps can dock at a station and jump a gate just fine if they are pointed/scrambled and don’t have a combat timer running. However you can’t be tethered or dock at an Upwell structure if you are scrambled (not sure if a normal point is enough here). Also rules are different for capitals regarding gate jumps iirc (hictor points can prevent gate jumps).

No amount of Scramble strength on any ship can prevent jumping Gates or docking with Stations/Structures, only Criminal/Weapon timers can do that and that includes Tethering at Structures. It’s different when it comes to Capital Jump Drives as they does indeed get disabled by directed Points (if enough strength), this may also be the case when using Jump Bridges/Portals.

This is not correct, once you are scrambled at a Upwell structure, you neither can dock nor get re-tethered. I know that because of own expierience. Also the support article confirms that: (scroll to the bottom).

I’m afraid, this is also wrong, focused points prevent caps from jumping gates … took me a while to find confirmation, see CCP Larrikins FAQ: [March] Balance Tweaks: Focused Warp Scrambling Script - Upcoming Feature and Change Feedback Center - EVE Online Forums

In relation to DST, if you’re operating in High-sec or Low-sec you don’t have to worry about bubbles. I’d recommend learning how to perform an insta warp using the MWD + Cloak.

You’ll find many a tutorial on this and it will make you, when performed correctly, pretty much untouchable.

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