Time to sunset Warp Core Stabilizers

The subjects been talked about ad nauseam, but it’s time.
No more WCS modules.

At the very least, only Haulers should be able to fit them.

Getting ridiculous.


Seriously? Look, I’ve lost kills to warp core stabilizers myself. But they’ve been nerfed into a good spot now. Active modules that cannot be stacked.

I remember moving a Mega with the mids filled with shield modules and the lows full of WCS… and mocking the gate camp I ran past 3 times…

If you want to guarantee gate camp catches, its simple: remote sebo boosted Maulus Navy Issue with a faction scram. The max core stab you can get is 4 (hull bonus 2 plus the WCS). The faction scram plus Maulus Navy hull bonus is 5.


Any ship but haulers suffers big combat penalties to fit them, and people can fit at most one for +2 warp core strength, which you can easily cancel with scram+point, faction scram, hic scram or any of the other solutions.

I would say warp core stabilizers are in a good place now.


I’d be up for making WCS even more powerful. The art of the bump is lost on these kids. That’s how OG tacklers separate themselves from and clown in “a ship with a point”.


Stop crying to CCP to cater the game for your play-style and get gud!


Just use a heavy warp scrambler if you’re trying to catch a destroyer (except the Sunesis) or larger. Also if they’re using WCS that is giving up a slot that could be used for tanking (so that you can crash the gate and escape) or an inertia stabilizer (which will help you align and make it harder to get grabbed in the first place and if you not attacked, getting an align time below 8 seconds means a speedy travel anyways).

In all the years of play, and all the salty tears from peeps on both sides of the debate: I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a good reason for their existence.

Fitting a WCS on a hauler makes sense. Not really much else though.

Fitting them should reduce your Max Targets to ZERO.
Remove any Local Repair Bonus.
And negate the ability for the ship to apply ANY boosts.

It’s not about crying to CCP or catering to any specific style of play. It’s about sound game mechanics that work. The current state is better than it was, but it’s still not where it needs to be.

Again, I have lost kills to WCS… I generally lean on the side of gankers in complaints about high sec ganking… and there are good reasons for their existence. Judging by your comments, I am willing to bet you probably dismiss any reason as not good enough.

Seriously, remote sebo boosted Maulus Navy Issue with a faction scram… nothing can get away from you. There is a very hard counter to WCS… and really its not that expensive either. Suck it up.

Considering they have been considerably nerfed recently and most people seem to think they are at a reasonable spot, I’d say you’re crying to CCP.

The mechanics do work. Like I said: there is a hard counter. You choosing to ignore the information provided doesn’t the information isn’t true or not there. It just means you’re ignoring it.

Again, there is a hard counter to warp core stabilizers. You’re ignoring advice. Why should people listen to you when choose to not listen to someone literally giving you the hard counter to your problem? They shouldn’t.

Please provide evidence that WCS are not a sound mechanic that works. I want facts and actual evidence… not opinions. Please make sure you review what a fact actually is compared to an opinion.


People have posted on these forums enough to know when people post because of their own vested interest.

Normally nerf or remove post comes with loss mail. I assume here you only had a long point and a target moonwalked away.

If he did not have a wcs and mjd away because you only had a long point i now assume you would complain about that.

Point is… wcs are fine after they have been nerfed and it means sporting a scram to stop one. Instead of a fleet or infinite point. However, I do miss the times telling people my Phobos says NO when all their low slots had wcs.


Also a useful tool for loot thieves. :wink: :smirk:

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I think it’s fine where its at now.

It used to be crazy when you could stack them LOL.


That is actually one of their primary uses.

@ Phelan Kheldian

I appreciate your point of view, but it’s hard to read your comments and not interpret them as just inflammatory. You’re making some logical presumptions about my post, but mostly just making assumptions. This is precisely why people do not debate when confronted with responses like you have given.

Debate is about finding out what is right, now who is right.

The backhanded remarks are unproductive, unhelpful and ultimately stifle discourse, not promote it.

Warp Core Stabilization should be built into the hull of the ship at this point in the progress of New Eden. Ships with built in WCS would receive penalties, similar to the WCS module that could be overcome with a new module that would counter some of the drawbacks to a built in WCS.

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Poor baby. I’m rather tired of people coming in and making claims about how something needs to be changed without providing any proof that its not a (and I quote) sound game mechanic that works. Provide some evidence to back your claim…

You start with an unproven premise and you want to accuse me of making assumptions? Okay, dude. Again, provide some evidence to back your claims.

Interesting. According to the rules of debate (see rule 5), those who assert must prove. You assert that the current system is not a sound game mechanic that works without proof… and you want to tell me about why people don’t want to engage in debate.

If you wanted to actually debate, you would have opened with evidence to support your claims that warp core stabilizers need to be sunset. If you want to debate, actually debate… don’t start with an unproven premise.

Actually debate is who can support their side of the debate best with supporting evidence. What evidence do you have to support your claim? Nothing.

What evidence do I have to support my claim? Maulus Navy Issue with faction scram or using an infinity point from a HIC to completely counter them.

So… in terms of debate, I’m ahead of you. Please provide facts and evidence to support your unproven premise and then you’d actually be debating.

And not providing evidence to support your premise is unproductive, unhelpful, and completely stifles discourse because you have nothing to support your claim.

The person not promoting discourse is the person who opened with an unproven premise and offered solutions to this unproven premise without explaining why these changes need to happen and how they will fix the problem.

Anything else you want to complain about? Or are you actually going to provide some facts and evidence to support your premise and actually debate?

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Can ships still enter FW complexes with WCSs in cargo? I absolutely loved the Friendly Targets Mobile Depot WCS strategy.

Travel fits pulse their microwarp while cloaky aligning. The WCS is for semi afk-ers to use after an audible alert notifies them they got tackled and shot into low shields while autopiloting, droneboat-farming, or mining.

WCS are a valid strategy to warp off from attackers who haven’t brought enough tackle.

Bombing bombers, smartbombing ships, capital refits, running PI in your Epithal even if people are camping the system all day… warp core stabilizers are a healthy counterplay option that ensures a single warp disruptor isn’t always the answer to keep people tackled.

The old warp core stabilizers allowed semi-afk players to warp off with their low slots full of passive warp core stabilizers.

The new warp core stabilizers are limited to +2 warp core strength upon activation, so if someone isn’t paying attention to push the button at the right time they don’t get any benefits and if they’re active but too slow they’ll probably get tackled by more than the first tackle frigate with more than +2 warp disrupt strength which means their WCS isn’t enough to save them either.

In order to use the new WCS you need to be paying attention. The new WCS design rewards active gameplay much more than the old WCS did.


Exploration frigs, mining ships, travel fits… What are you on about? WCSs have a good reason to exist as a tool for evading combat/gankers, and I say that as someone who enjoys hunting.


Also don’t forget thieves. :smirk:

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