Just admit CCP doesn't want warp core stabilizers

So you can only have 1 stabilizer (which is now an active unit)…but you can still stack on as many scramblers as you want? So what’s the point of having warp core stabilizer units any more? It’s basically just a useless slot item to protect against basic rats and casual pvp players. I mean if you just want to give advantage to pvp players and gankers it’s no big deal…but just do away with the unit and give explorers, miners, or haulers something else cool to improve our game play.


I always put 15 warm scramblers on my ship, even though the other person can only have 1 stabilizer. That’s eve, there’s no such thing as a rational forum post.


I love carebear tears like this. Thanks for making my evening.


I don’t care about WCS, for all it matters they could go the way of the dodo. But that CCP applied the same penalties to Nullifiers without any prior announcement is absolutely annoying.


What? What basic rats does this eaffect?

some ships have over 6 low slots. filling them with warp core stabs would make them virtually uncatchable for a solo pvper.

what i’d like to see is faction warp corp stabs (so +3 warp core stability), which i imagine would be expensive. if you caught a ship with one of these equipped, it would be make it more rewarding.


What’s stopping you from fitting something more useful already?

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It’s a MMO. Grab a friend. CCP ruined WCS because of such salty “elite PvP’ers”. It’s funny that inability to catch someone is bad. But inability to avoid combat is good.

Changes like this clearly show why cry the loudest.


if you want to avoid PVP (person vs person), you can play a single-player game.


I don’t. There is slight difference between “remove PvP grrr…” and simply ability to escape fights you can’t win.

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It’s not a question of avoiding PVP, it’s a matter of keeping the playing field level(er).

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Yeah… the years of people begging for nullification to be nerfed wasn’t enough to see it coming.

There should be always at least a little bit of risk when flying around, especially in low and null security. If you ask me CCP should also remove all the jump drives too (except for black ops). This would make the EVE galaxy large again and would make placement of Capitals strategic. Not to mention that the need to form up convoy would create content too.


You can thank faction warfare for the warp stab changes. You are there to PVP, so why are you fitting a warp stab to run away?

Having said that, a warp stab is all but useless on any ship other than the Venture and a few others that already have built-in +2 warp strength.


Some Mordus Legion belt rats, such as the commander, will warp scram you. NPC miner defense fleets and FOB rats will also warp scram you.

I think the point Ramona was making is that the ones that scram (and you mention) are not basic rats.


So no basic rats. Gotcha.

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WCS were ■■■■, but in the hands of automated software it was useful.

CCP lost the fight against bots and decided to remove WCS, but instead of man up and remove it, they made it some mega piece of ■■■■ so they can collect data bout the people that still try to use it.

1 - You too dumb;
2 - You a cheater;
3 - You a hauler. (Sorry F);

Anyway, yeah better to just delete it entirely.

You’ll need to explain how that works in a game where your every action is a matter of electronic record.

4 - You a thief