How to use new warp core stabilizers against gankerz?

Take DTS ship, which has +2 warp core strength, and only one warp core stabilizer, which gives
another +2… and you get a 25 gankerz fleet, with 10+ scramblers…

How can with the new changes one effectively defend???

Tank them. You were never able to get away from 25 scrams anyway.


There is an in game channel for these questions: Why Was I Ganked?


No, I wasn’t, I just don’t get the new need to activate warp core stab feat…

They will give you a solution for your problem , just join and ask .

Don’t get caught, you have cloak/MWD and interdiction nullifier. What else do you need? Stabs only help against NPC and lone tacklers. The stab you activate if everything else failed.


What was your plan before this WCS change?


RIGHT LOL? WCS still only provided +1 warp core XD They never saved you from gankers.

People can’t think ahead far it seems.


You’ve been asking A LOT of questions on the forums that can easily be answered by being in a corp, why not join a corp and ask questions there.

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I joined one once, my only real question ended up being “why did I do that?”.

Join a better one then?


Nah, I made my own and now I don’t have to think about it other than closing an extra chat window.
Doing that simplified a lot of stuff and every once in a while I notice I have extra isk in the corporation wallet.

So you’re just actively choosing to avoid interacting with people who may be able to provide you with collective knowledge, experience, and perspectives of the game. Cool. For the OP, he could definitely benefit from getting more hands-on guidance from other experienced players.

I don’t really know what the point of your responses are other than to walk into a thread and try to show off how ‘independent’ you are.


Not at all, I just made my own because I have to be in one. I’ve looked at al ot of corporations and alliances and don’t find anything all that interesting in most of them. The ones I was interested in had strict rules about being good at PvP which I’m not. Amusingly I was looking into them in an effort to get better at that.
The main thing though is there are other resources for getting information, and while maybe for some people a corporation is the way to go for me it’s not. I’ve found that chat channels ranging from Bombers Bar to Eve Scouts to be far better, and not forced.
You are right that what I said wasn’t all that useful to the original poster, and I should maybe not do that. I was just responding to the suggestion that they join a corporation when all that doing that did for me was create more questions and a small pile of isk for the corporation it self.
To me joining a corporation is the last thing someone new should do unless they happen to find a really good one. I say that with a few reasons behind it. Eve is already overwhelming when you are very new, having large numbers of people telling you what you should do, how you should do it and having a lot of rules on top of the existing rules makes it a good bit worse in many cases. In my case making my own let me learn at my own pace and make and fix (some of) my own mistakes without having to live up to expectations I didn’t understand. Maybe it took longer that way, I don’t know, but it was a lot less stressful, I never did any mining again (with a few recent exceptions due to curiosity about industry) and no one was yelling at me for losing ships, getting lost in wormholes or running amok in low and nullsec.
But again, you are right, I should have said a bit about why. I blame real life and being exceedingly tired, but I should pay a bit more attention.

I joined a mining corp on day one… I have been robbed, bullied, vaporized by wardeckers without even knowing… Best time of my life… I quit but I had no other choices, and I matured… well sort of :slight_smile:

join a corp that is not war deccable then. There are several that can help you be better at PVP or whatever it is your are looking to do.

EVE Uni or Brave Newbies are the two i usually recommend.

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I found my answers, thanks…
Fix the warp core modules CCP - EVE Technology and Research Center / Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums

If you fly a Dst and jump into a 25 man gate camp you: 1. Flew without your own alt scout; 2. Flew with no friends to help you scout ahead; 3. Extremely brave and rely on luck too often.
5 or 6 Warp stabs before changes wouldnt help you. 1 Warp stab after changes wont help you either. Fly with scout ahead and dont jump into 25 man gate camp.

To expand on this, usually gankers are lazy. They hang out mostly on shortest route or safest route between popular locations. They also sleep like anyone else and you can see what timezones they are active in. So it is pretty easy to avoid gate camps simply by manually routing around certain areas and/or picking times when they are less active. Sure it takes longer but that is survival.

better question is how did you get caught by them when a DST can cloak and warp faster that it can be locked and scrammed even if there are 50 people on the gate. Unless you get really unlucky and land close to one on the other side who can keep you from cloaking. but its not like the old WCS would have saved you and it was your fault for not scouting the gate.