Warp Defence

Warp Core Stabilizer have only 2 points of defence but enemy always use fractional module +3.
Why are you misleading me? If this mechanic doesn’t work. This is not realistic: if there is an action, there is a reaction. No reaction here :rofl: it’s not balanced. ССP ?
There’s nothing you can do in the end…

i´m sure this is a lie ! not everybody use +3 scrams. you maybe just dont pay attantion ?

but hey :slight_smile: cry baby cry and blame everybody else but not yourself if you die :wink:

Crying is for mama’s boys, this is an informative post about the imbalance in the game.

Untrue, I for example rarely use faction scrams, I use bubbles :slight_smile:


Basic defense +0 where is it written +1 ?

The reaction to a scram or point is the WCS with its +2 strength, to which the faction scrams are the reaction. I see a lot of reaction and action. :person_shrugging:

Don’t rat in AFK Isthars in FRT space and you won’t need the WCS in the first place. :slight_smile:


I assume you’re referring to the loss of your completely untanked Astero in a C1 to a Metamorphosis?

There’s a few lessons for you in that loss, if you’re prepared to learn them.

Your opponent wasn’t in a cloaky ship, so you could have seen them on d-scan before they landed, giving you time to run. You do mash your d-scan regularly while in j-space, don’t you?

You were fit for fast aligning. If you’d tried to warp as soon as they appeared on your overview, you’d probably have escaped.

Your Astero, a very fine ship btw, is capable of mounting a Covert Ops cloaking device, allowing you to warp while cloaked. Yet you were fit with the inferior Improved Cloak II, which does not allow you to warp while cloaked. If you can mount an Improved, you can mount a Covert.

You died with 3x EC-300 drones in your ship, did you launch some and attempt to jam the enemy?

I assume you were in a Data or Relic site, did you see core or combat probes on your d-scan while hacking?

As you have discovered, warp core stabs aren’t really that good. So, maybe stop using them? I generally only fit them on Deep Space Transports which have a baked in +2 warp core strength making for a total of +4.

Best of luck, fly dangerous!

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This is how CCP balanced things, I particularly liked more the old way, if you had 5 low slots then you would fit 5 warp core stabs.

This is how it is now, in general you will be able to escape only from warp disruptors or a scram if your hull has warp core stab bonuses

If that’s how you truly believe, I will gladly accept your stuff and put it to excellent use.

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Warp core stabs are USELESS vs interdiction bubbles anyways if you venture into NS and populated WH space. Don’t use warp core stabs period. They are a very niche module only working 0.1% of the time.

Why are we even talking about this?

OP also forgot in gate camps more than 1 person will have scrams/disruptors also. Really wish people put more thought into what they post. Sometimes I think I lose IQ points reading low effort posts.

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Come to Uedama and enjoy the 7point experience!


That’s it, he’s useless! and has 3 more debuffs :joy:
Why does the game suggest using this module? Who in CCP thought of doing this useless garbage?
Let’s Warp Scrambler also have 3 debuffs :rofl:

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I think that stabs are at a good spot, balanced for both parties. They aren’t almighty as they were before and cannot be used afk, yet still useful in specific cases - few players escaped my gank thanks to them. There should be expensive faction warp stab granting +3 though. And I say that as a hunter.


Warp core stabs are in a good spot now. The old system was broken. I remember using a shield fit Megathron with all the lows fitted with WCS to blow through low sec gatecamps. It was silly.

With the present system, a WCS protects you from points and normal scrams. Combine a WCS with a DST or a Venture and even the faction scram can’t get you. But you can beat a WCS fitted DST or Venture with a Maulus Navy Issue. And a Maulus Navy Issue is a very specific ship for a specific purpose. This seems pretty well balanced to me.

Yup it’s a very specific module.

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