Warp Scram questions

So I’m in a mission and my warp core stabilizer is offline to allow better targeting etc.
I get warp scrambled.

While scrambled, can I put my warp stabilizer back online, and turn it on to Un scram and make my exit?


Theoretically yes.

However, you will need >= 95% capacitor to put a module online.

If you are running any modules at all, you probably won’t have the cap to do it.

Also, one minor correction - you don’t have to turn a warp core stab on, once it is online. It’s a passive module. Just needs to be online.

Instead of offlining the wcs, I suggest placing it in your cargo and using a mobile depot to fit it if you get pointed. Also, since NPCs only point and don’t scramble (with exception of some burner rats), you can use a micro jump drive (assuming your ship can fit one) to get out of a situation where you can potentially lose your ship.

Yeah, i’d just use an MJD instead of a warp core stabilizer. Even offline, it still takes up a slot, and that’s going to cut into your DPS or tank, which helps you run missions more effectively.

on most fights you don’t want to have to deploy a mobile depot, because it takes too long and when you realize you are pointed and about to die, the delay is too much.
also I can’t remember of a L2 that has point, so I guess it’s only in L3+ missions that you can get pointed

In that case, fitting a mjd is better than fitting a wcs :

  • if you offline the wcs you need to eat capa charges in order to be 95% cap. That means a mid slot already taken for cap injector. Plus the low slot.
  • if you don’t, the wcs reduces your range and target speed. That’s still a low slot taken for average malus.
  • mjd is also a great tool to be in position and can in many cases replace a propmod (you need to double jump to move, it requires some practice)

Basically, fitting a wcs is only good when you ALREADY have a fit using cap charges, you get no use of the reduced range and lock speed, you don’t NEED the additional tank/gank of the low slot.
and oc when you can’t use mjd.

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