MJD useless on DST after cloak disabled?

Please, give me any solid argument why I should swap MWD for MJD when in null.

When the cloak still worked, you sort of had time for the spool up. But if you can be targeted, you can be pointed. Just because you can hop out of bubbles means nothing if you are vulnerable to scram for those 10s and you might as well fit stabs for immunity or tank for gate burn right?

If you are going to rely on MJD to get out of bubbles, you have to stab out your fit anyway.

Is it all based on the likelyhood of scrams vs disruptors on grid?

Fly the armour versions and fit both? But you will find that a scram is able to shut warp/jump drives.

The 6sec spool of a MJD up is a death trap.

MWD + Cloak is better in almost every situation.

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Why not afterburner and tank? Any decent tackle fit is just gonna run you down at the endpoint of your jump anyway assuming they don’t scram you outright. And MWD or not, you aren’t gonna outrun anything.
DSTs are no good at all, TBH. They’ll just catch you in the next system or the one after that . . .

Because the MWD cloak trick =/= to trying to outrun an attacker.

Unless the OP is somehow inferring that CCP patched out this trick or something.

If you jump through a gate into a bubble, you’re not going to get far enough on one MWD cycle to warp out. Your only hope is to MWD back to the gate and jump through. You want tackle to aggress so they can’t jump through. If they get a scram on you then your MWD shuts down and that’s where your tank comes in. If you make it to the other side, presumably where there was no bubble, you can use the MWD+cloak maneuver to get off the gate and safe up to wait out the gate camp.

But your chances of getting out of a bubble are pretty slim, unless it’s a small gate camp. Best to use a scout.

I’m finding that getting even one pulse of the MWD gets you back to the gate in good time and an AB as backup is worth it during scram. I have to be careful not hitting cloak out of habit because that screws up your burn of course…

Still it’s annoying that the DST was blessed with the glorious MJD only to see it nerfed out of use.

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How was it nerfed?

You cannot spool cloaked.

Was the MJD cloak trick ever a thing? I know it is with a MWD, but i’ve honestly never tried with a MJD. I mean if you can do it with a MWD and warp away why would you want to go through that trouble just to hop 100km away?

I’m pretty sure I used to do it all the time in Rattlesnakes. It made a viable escape strategy where there really was nothing. 10 seconds is a long time for a single scram to get in range.

Pretty sure isn’t the same as yes. The MJD modules for BS and DST are separete modules that were introduced at separate times. Just because it worked for the BS module doesn’t mean it would necessarily for the MJD.

MJD only decloaks you once its cycle is half through, good enough to fit one

You don’t. The spool up timer on MJD is enough to get you locked it can be shut off with a scram.

A sabre with a cloak needs 2.5s to lock a DST with MJD spooling, it’s a fair chance the way it currently works when starting the MJD in cloak. A sabre without one will certainly get you.

Hm. I’ve seen MJD’s used in (non-solo) PVP video’s to great effect. The tactics I saw mainly involved blapping the scrammers ASAP and then moving on to other targets. But yeah, most of these vids end with the MJD ship getting caught by something bigger eventually, perhaps winning the ISK war but losing the ship in the process.

Align cloak, mjd, then insta-warp. Works WAY better IMO. And if it goes bad, at least you didn’t take a cap hit from the MWD, lol.

if in nullsec flying a DST without a scout is a terrible mistake, no matter what you fit on it. Intel and scout is your best bet. I was caught in a bubble few time ago, cause I got distracted RL and messed up with the scout alt. nothing I could do. I had DST plus stabber just to be sure I can warp in case any tacker lands on me by luck, but if they have a saber , you are pretty doomed.

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