Warp Scramblers and Disruptors sometimes not preventing people from warping

Hey there.

I have had this multiple times already when you would warp scramble a target and it still warps off seconds later. Now i am well aware of fits with stabs in them mind you. I have 2 recent encounters where i can say for curtain that this is sometimes not working correctly.

  1. astero was doing relic site. i warped close to him in my dramiel, locked him, scrambled and disrupted him (4 points total, faction scram). 2 seconds later he warped off. ■■■■ me, 4 stabs i thought. well i switched to a sabre and cought him on the outgate… surprised to see there was no single stab.

  2. just an hour ago: warped into a bubble with my vexor alt to try and trick a camping stratios from uncloaking. there was also a brutix camping. i went for the brutix first and warped my main in a SFI in. while i was landing, stratios decloaked and i burned 3 km to him, double webbed and scrambled him with the SFI. 4 seconds later he warped off. I had a good talk with that pilot afterwards and he told me that he was lucky i failed the sram. I first thought he may be right. i was tripple boxing after all and i know i was 13km away from the start so maybe i hit the scram shortcut to early. so i went to my logs to check but i didn’t fail. Log entry was there and i am 100% curtain i didn’t activate only for one cycle as i only hit the shortcut once. i learned that the hard way :smiley:

so my theory is (and i thought i have read this years ago in this forum) when you engage warp (read, hit the warp to order) and at the exact same tick a target tries to disrupt you, you will still be able to warp off after you are aligned and at 75% speed.

have you encountered the same?

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