Warp scramble strength

Hello all,

I got ganked in a WH and that left me with a lot of questions.

i was fitted with 2 warp stabs + MWD but was unable to warp or use de MWD. Oh, and to my surprise the attacker locked and scrambled me with 0 delay after uncloaking right next to me. (nothing on the d-scan, i just scanned 3-4 seconds before, i was pointed in about 3-4s after he appeared on overview)

  • I guess the attacker was using a faction warp scrambler for +3 strength ?
  • can a ship mount multiple warp scramble module so would go beyond +3 warp scramble strength ?
  • what is best to use MWD or Afterburner ? - i know that AB can’t be scrambled but in data/relics the distances between cans sometimes are pretty big 100km+ so a MWD is really handy and on a second note i m not sure an AB (working under tackling) would help me anyway…
  • it is possible to see the attackers FIT ?

your thoughts ?

Some ship classes like stealth bombers have 0 targeting delay after decloaking. Open description of the ship that killed you.

Quite possible. They have better range and strength.


If you’re not fit for combat both AB and MWD won’t help you. Also AB is countered with webifier.

Only if he dies after attacking you.

Heh, thanks.

So, no matter what i do i WILL get caught if the attacker is using the right hardware and tactic.

I mean there really is no counter to a ship that uncloaks 2.000m away and locks&tackles in 3-4 seconds (maybe even instalock with proper skills)

There is a counter, fight back. Stealth bombers no-uncloaking delay comes with a price, it has almost no tank, and low DPS against small ships.

All other ships (with exceptions not relevant here) have ~5s delay before they can lock, plus the lock time itself. Usually enough to get out from standstill.

However there are tactics which will get you, regardless of what you do, so not being caught in the first place is the best strategy. Situational awareness helps here. For example if you jump in a hole from highsec near a hub, you can expect relics to be cloaky camped.

Explorers are well known for using warp core stabs, so most people who hunt explorers will either use faction scram (3 points) two scrams (4 points) or one of each (5 points).

The better option would be to fit for align speed (nanofibers and inertial stabilisers) so that you reach warp before he can lock you. Getting an align speed under 3 seconds should be relatively easy, even with bad skills. There is a 5 second delay after decloaking (unless it’s a stealth bomber) before they can lock you, this will give you 2 seconds to notice someone and hit warp.

I was in an imicus, not sure how much fighting i can put :slight_smile: .

With nano only i get 2.7s align time and with nano+istabs around 2.4s , but 2s for noticing someone on overview selecting a celestial and hitting warp while i’m hacking a minigame… that’s something else :confused:

Probably didn’t matter.

Looking at the loss, by the time you could have aligned, you were already dead.

The last Manticore loss of your attacker doesn’t show any faction scram, but double target painter:

There is no bomber loss on her killboard that has a faction scram.

However, you only took 1029 damage through low resists. Not hard to kill.

Most likely, you were just alpha’d immediately and dead before you could react fast enough to warp.

And yeah, bombers have 0 targeting delay, so can lock you the moment the cloak is deactivated.

In relation to Tipa’s suggestion, the attackers bomber was likely 0 tank also (looking at the fits she uses). Drones are deadly to bombers. Anything other than an untanked imicus and you either force them to make a different ship choice (which gives you more time to escape), or you have a chance to kill the bomber before you die (an Imicus can use 4 light drones).

you’d be surprised but i think it was like 30s from warp scramble to kill report.
the idea is that i had 2 halcyon and when i hit warp i got the message that external phenomenon prevents me from warping or something like that…

i am now considering to carry with me some Hobgoblins SD-300, what you think ?

Sensor damp drones are terrible. They don’t have strong enough damps to be useful.

You’d be better fitting some warriors. Attack drones will chew through bombers quickly and warriors are fast.

You were killed by a stealth bomber with rockets. That is low dps, no alpha, slow death. Easy counter would be Astero for example. You could hardly survive that encounter with what you had. Don’t worry, justkeep practicing, adjust your overview and position of windows on screen to suit you and don’t let this to discourage you. And once you feel confident, shift into Astero.

I would recommend Hobgoblins. (Not the SD-300 ones though, just regular Light Combat Drones)
Hobgoblins because they have a higher damage potential than Warriors. And they don’t need to be fast when you don’t fight something that kites you, which is very unlikely to happen during a gank. Most of them happen very close and personal.
The Imicus should also have the space for one or two turrets. If you are serious about fighting back, try to get one in there. And if you are super serious put a repair module and resitances in your low slots and drop the cargo scanner for a scram. It’s unlikely to kill a bomber before he kills you, but that way there is at least a chance.

You also said there was nothing on DScan? I hope you have probes on it. Because when you have and you see them while you run a site, you can try to reduce the scanning range. If the probes are still there - and not your own of course - unter 2-3 AU, then it is likely that the person scanning with them has found your site.

30s is half an eternity in PvP. Fit some tank, turrets and a flight of hobgoblins. 30s is plenty of time to kill or chase away a bomber with 0 tank.

You can always fight back. The imicus won’t do it but you can upgrade to an astero for example.

However there is another way - I always fit dual scram when hunting because of stabs (well, I do dual faction for 6 scram strength but most don’t).

Swap to a magnate, instead of an imicus. It’s the only T1 explorer with enough low slots (4) to counter dual scram fits.

Note: you do not ever need to slow boat between cans if you don’t want to!

warp to site
ctrl-B (will open the BM window, ready to BM)
one second after the cans appear on your overview, press enter. this will create a BM on grid with the site, but more than 150km away from the cans.
warp to the BM
then warp to first can at 0, hack, warp back to bm
rinse, repeat.


OMG, this is gold! Thank you.

well, this is game over then :slight_smile: no ship can compensate 6 points of scram

Well… super carriers have 5+ on warp stability. If you fit warp core stabilizers to that… and Titans have 10+
Imagine a Titan in a relic/data site slowboating from can to can. :grimacing:

Phobos with infinite point says NO!

Actually i think is something like +99 scramble points, not that it matters :slight_smile:

But srsly, for a newbro, using a magnate is your best chance of escape b/c of the low slots.

It’s obviously better to learn practices for escape, like nano fits etc. but if you are tired of getting ganked by asteros just use a magnate with 4 stabs and warp off when they decloak.

Going cheap and accepting you’ll lose stuff is also legit, empty your hold every few sites or on paydirt and your good to go.

If you do this save money by putting up buy orders for your preferred fit.