Afterburner or MWD?

What module would you suggest for close combat. I found out that ships with MWD tend to overshoot the target even if I set a distance for circling.

Brawlers (close combat) often benefit from having an AB since it can’t be turned off if the enemy has a scram (vs a disrupter). But if they have an mwd and you have an AB you’d better have a scram yourself to shut off their otherwise superior speed. The trick is forcing the close combat vs them kiting you. Rock, paper, scissors.


Thank you, I was not aware that a MWD could be shut off with a warp scrambler. PS: I think I had that happen to me twice.

Here is another thing to think about MWD vs AB:

Unless you know when and where an AB is useful, it is usually best to equip a MWD.
ABs are more situational and benefit from very specific circumstances.

MWD is also much more cap hungry, so maybe a bigger concern if you have an active tank or laser weapons.

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Not to forget the two big issues with MWDs…

Signature radius increase by up to 500% while MWD is active.

And fixed cycle time of MWD of 10seconds.

So for 10 seconds for a single use of the MWD makes even the smallest ship massive, so all weapon systems will apply damage better.

And missiles you don’t want those being used on you in this state.

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Additionally an MWD even needs cap when it’s set off and more power and CPU in fitting.
I prefer the AB, even if it’s slower.

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Depends on what ya trynna do.

If you’re tackle, you wanna use MWD to get into range to apply scram/web.

If you aren’t main tackle, AB should be fine.


Also dual prop is a thing though much more efficient to only have one prop mod thus usually not worth it but depending on the available slots, fitting and intended purpose it can still be viable I guess so worth not rejecting right away though still most of the time not worth it I guess.

Can you give some more specifics on the PVP scenarios you are anticipating? There are a lot of variables.

the standard is ab + scram in low sec. mwd and long point in null sec. iirc. pretty much agree with everyone else here

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