Afterburners obsolete? MWD is better always

I remember back in the days MWD would drain your capacitor so fast. Not the case nowadays.

Why fitting a crappy afterburner then?

Oh, the 500% signature bloom tradeoff for using a mwd was changed? Well, well…I’ll have to look into that!

I fit afterburner to sig-speed tank. But I can see why you need an MWD. You need the extra thrust to actually move your ship a bit faster than with normal speed.

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Signature bloom.

Also I know this is the PVE sub but but in facwar almost every ship in the meta uses afterburners. If you’re going to brawl afterburners are better cuz they don’t get turned off by warp scramblers.

  • MWD will shut down the moment you get Scrammed.
  • MWD will make your Frigate signature as easy to hit as your average Battleship.
  • MWD reduces your overall Capacitor. Without it even running, you’ll have a harder time maintaining stability.

MWD are pretty much only useful for Kite ships. Ships that don’t plan on getting within Scram range, and hopefully outside of shooting distance as well.


MWD for moving around the grid and keeping up with other ships, AB for using the speed advantage in combat.

Everyone seams to forget we are in PvE category not PvP.


I fit AB to avoid getting scrammed. I have always done this, from Day 1. Plus, the restriction on other fittings (via cap limits) made absolutely no sense to me as a noob.

My predominant game play is Mining & Hauling. And this being EvE, hauling and especially mining are PvE. Except, they are not really. Which just supports my use of AB, as you never know when, and you never know where. So talking about MWD in context of “PVE” is a tad artificial.

The only exceptions to my no-MWD rule are to fit one on my orca and on my LS miasmos. First reason is to give orca a reasonable align time. Second reason is to allow cloaky warp. And miasmos is about the only boat I use that on? Otherwise, if I can get my align time low enough, I rely on that as my primary defence, with AB and core stabs as secondary, buffer as tertiary if I do get tagged, and AB as defence of last resort. Got through a LS gate camp yesterday with exactly that type of fit. Even though I got yellow boxed due to being uncloaked on landing I slipped away un-hit. And with AB unused, but still available. If I’d fit a MWD I would have likely been stuffed.

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meh it happens vice versa too

also his question doesn’t come off as pve oriented as it indicates a preference for mwd

Exactly! Don’t listen to the others, they know nothing.

Just always use a mwd an no harm will ever come to your ship(s)!!

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So, focusing on PvE and what I do.
It’s “what I do” not “best” or “right” or “wrong” whatever those terms mean without context.

The purpose of a prop-mod of any sort for me is for two purposes: to allow for repositioning - typically to maintain and engagement distance, or to reduce incoming damage “speed tanking” by increasing your traversal or reducing the impact damage from missiles.

So, which? I’ve become, for mission running, in two minds. Big ships - battlecruisers and battleships - I intend to go for a Micro Jump Drive and an Afterburner. The MJD for gross positioning and the Afterburner for manoeuvring. Smaller ships, I fit a MWD - normally restrained or T2. But for mission running in this case I’m using a Heavy Assault Cruiser - and you can be cap stable with the MWD running on these and with the signature bonus it’s a good speed tank (you’ll learn what the assault damage control is actually for).

You can run Level 3 missions easily in a HAC (and they warp/manoeuvre faster than a bigger ship) - they can tackle most Level 4 missions as well.
The Triglavian destroyer is scarily capable - a cap stable MWD mission kiter (2.8km/s as I recall). It’ll chew through Level 3 missions orbiting targets at 30-40km. I’d be wary of Level 4 just because a few of heavy hits while positioning will cause trouble.

Otherwise, I use a MWD on haulers along with a cloak (MWD/cloak trick). On anything heavy a single cycle of the MWD can be useful for reducing warp time.
I don’t bother with a prop-mod on miners - I use a Skiff and it’s fast enough as it. And I’d rather have the tank. Bankers go for easier targets - yes, they can kill me but it’ll cost 'em.
Freighters: if I’ve got a lot of stuff to move I contract it.

A lot of this is all personal preference, so right for me if not for others.


I go AB on a BS when it’s a brawler (hyperion/mega/tempest). I know it’s bad but I like it :confused:
It saves a lot of cap. Usually MJD + grappler + web in mid, double rep + RAH+ EANM in low so cap is a huge issue. Aggro all, shoot the closest while keeping it at range 2000m.

On raven/mach/barghest though it’s mwd+MJD. The increased speed allows you to remain out of harm and thus to save on rep thus on cap. To the point you can even go passive shield rep.


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