Mining ship propulsions and fit

Hi there,

i’ve read it here and there but just wanted to make sure.
so Afterburners(10mn 100mn) have less limitations than Microwarpdrives(50mn 500)?
im fitting a medium sized miner ship,
50mn gives me more push but in the scenario where i get jumped,
there is a certain field or web that would disable my 50mn but not 10mn,
is that correct?

im quite new to pvp just trying to fit a porpois or something similar here,
2 stablizers usually allows me to warp with single gankers,
where i use my tank and drones to put up a fight when jumped by multiple smaller ships.

any inputs are welcome,
ty :slightly_smiling_face:

That is correct. Warp Scramblers prevent the activation of MWD.

Afterburners are easier to fit, but will give your ship less extra speed than a MWD.
MWD are a bit harder to fit, have significant penalties to your capacitor and sig radius, but make your ship go faster than with an afterburner.

Warp scramblers will turn off a MWD.

I would not fit propulsion modules to mining Barges, Barges (and Exhumers) are heavy and are tight on fitting space so a propulsion module either wouldn’t fit or it doesn’t have much effect. For mining frigates I like a 1mn afterburner that they can keep running all the time while orbiting a rock to reduce damage taken from NPC pirates.

The Porpoise is a surprisingly light hull (which allows it to jump through the smallest wormholes). As a side effect, medium sized propulsion modules (10mn AB, 50mn MWD) give it a much bigger boost to speed than to cruisers.

Where commonly ships are using a MWD for the ‘MWD cloak trick’ (look this trick up if you don’t know about it yet!), I found that the Porpoise can do the same with just an 10mn AB (and decent skills).

So if you want to fit a propulsion module to your Porpoise, I recommend you fit a 10mn AB.

Do you think a ZOR afterburner would help him?

I had never heard of ZOR before, but I see there are two Zor implants that modify your afterburner, one for longer duration and one for increased speed boost. Which one are you talking about, the Navigation Link or the Navigation Hyper-Link?

I suppose the longer duration makes it easier to do the MWD-cloak trick with an AB if you have low skills, and the increased speed boost does so too. But the increased speed boost is way too expensive, so I guess you mean the cheap one.

I think Zor’s Custom Navigation Link is cheap enough to give it a try if you don’t have the skills yet to do the MWD cloak trick with an afterburner on the Porpoise, but for a player without those skills yet, I doubt they have the Cybernetics 4 required for the link, or the amount of clones to keep a spare clone specifically for their Porpoise fit.

Also I don’t like increasing the AB duration, it means it takes you longer to warp off in case danger shows up. A Porpoise with inertial stabs or align rigs can be in warp within 5 seconds when no AB or MWD is running.

My recommendation: don’t bother with implants yet.

99% wont matter and you are dead.

Not for much longer. See upcoming changes.

Imho your best bet. Go with AB, A nice thick tank, dont gimp your fit with warp stabs and if you want to actualy fit a tackle module (scram, disruptor). Worst case you get a fun fight out if it and maybe even some frags. That should teach the pirates a lesson.

Procurers / Skiffs in particular are nasty nasty ships when fit right.


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