MWD mechanics

I’ve demonstrated that a DST with one inertial stab II and a 5mn mwd will align within the 1-cycle time and warp off.

Thing is…I don’t understand why?

Shouldn’t a DST require a 50mn to mwd properly?

What is the mechanics of MWD really?

The logic make sense. You just have to be within an angle of the target, and your end-cycle mwd speed just has to be 75% of max velocity without mwd.

What is the actual question you’re asking here?

If you’re asking about just the mechanics of a Microwarpdrive, they grant you a percentage thrust bonus and blooms your signature radius while it is cycling.

If you’re asking about “why” a ship is able to enter warp with a 1 cycle of a prop mod (this applies to both Afterburners and Microwarpdrives), it’s because of how warp thresholds interact with your ship’s current speed.

All ships in EVE enter warp when they reach the 75% maximum velocity threshold. This means that if your ship has a maximum velocity of 100m/s, and you issue a warp command, your ship will begin accelerating from 0 m/s until it hits 75m/s, at which point you will enter warp.

Turning on a prop mod temporarily increases your maximum velocity. For the sake of numbers, let’s say your ship’s default max speed is 100m/s. And a prop mod increases that by 100% (basically doubling your ship’s max speed). By turning on the prop mod, your maximum speed is now 200m/s.

Now, in order to enter warp, you ship needs to hit 75% of the NEW maximum speed, namely, 150 m/s. So your ship will begin to align and start picking up speed, it’ll pass the original 75m/s warp threshold before you turned on the prop mod and will continue to 150 m/s because that is the new 75% max speed threshold.

But what happens if you turn the module off?

Your ship maybe still be picking up speed, in fact, it may be around 120m/s when you turn off the module. As soon as the module is off, you no longer gain that percentage max speed bonus (the 100% in our hypothetical example), and so, your ship’s maximum speed drops back down to it’s original amount, 100m/s.

Your ship is now fully aligned, going 120m/s, when its maximum speed is 100m/s. 120m/s is clearly greater than the 75% max speed threshold you need in order to enter warp. Thus, the game sees that you have satisfied this requirement and allows your ship to enter into warp.

In game, there are several additional variables that go into play, such as your ship’s default mass, the additional mass added by the prop mod, the percentage thrust bonuses, etc.

I don’t see why a ship should be “required” to fit any specific type of propulsion module. Capital ships can enter into warp with a single cycle of a 500mn MWD, which is normally considered to be a Battleship prop mod.

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Let’s just start here cuz the exact question is here…

Since ships have mass then supposedly each prop type is proportional to the mass type of each class of ship?

Like rig modules are small-capital. So are props right? 1/5/50/500 and whatever I dont recall from memory.

So people often say “to get into warp in one cycle you need this mwd”.

Specifically I saw an answer to another thread of mine that you need a 500mn mwd to warp an Orca in one cycle.

But if the fitting numbers are correct as they seem to be with DST. Then no…you should not need a 500mn.

A 50mn will work just fine.

Unless…I’m missing a crucial mechanic and the DST (occator) just happens to only need a 5mn…

This is for one-cycle alignment for quick travel. Not for mwd-cloak.

Simplify the question

How do you determine the end velocity of one cycle of mwd so you will know it will land at 75% max velocity after cycle.

Sorry scoots. Took me a moment to formulate the question into something practical.


Ok… then use a 50mn if you want?

You have to realize that not everyone lives in empire space like you do.

For pilots out in null, they’ll prefer to use Micro Jump Drives because those can help get DSTs out while warp disrupted by hostiles.

Others will want to use a 50mn because they need to burn through a bubble’s warp disruption field to get to another gate.

For others still, they’ll just use a 10mn Afterburner because that’s all they need and they know they’ll only be taking their DST from a refining service station to a production service station.

It’s incredibly narrow minded just to expect that all ships of a certain size must use a certain type of propulsion module just because “it will work fine.” To try and make such arguments shows how little of the game you understand beyond your own specific playstyle and that you haven’t taken the time to imagine how it may be used differently in other playstyles.

I live in low. I just do business in Jita lol. My actual fits are very specific to low. Where There’s a lack of things like HICs and Bubbles so hence some radical fits.

The 50mn tho doesnt work in “wives tales” is the point.

Everyone swears by 500mn. So wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

That’s what it was…thanks. I knew there were 3 fail safes for DSTs but only remembered 2. Mwd-cloak and stabs.

For null I’m told stabs are pointless cuz of hics?

But the micro jump was the 3rd and couldn’t remember it today.

The “common knowledge” says 500mn for Orca to hit warp align in 1 cycle.

I say it needs only 50mn.

If anything this proves I am CAPABLE of understanding the game mechanics at face value and not just do what others say to do but to interpret.

This is the opposite of what you say about me.

The question in this thread is did I miss something that lends to common knowledge saying 500mn.

So far you’ve said no.

It’s been a while since I flew a DST. Maybe seven to ten years.

But I recall the align time being somewhere between brewing a pot of coffee and a reading a few chapters of Dune in a hot bath.

wew, i must have triggered you something awful to warrant this kind of a mess.


You have fun ranting. I’ve answered your question and gave you some pointers about why the world doesn’t revolve around you and your narrow view.

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What narrow view? Lol.

My view is expanded.

It aligns in 10s…

10mn AB would have allowed you to warp out in 1 cycle as well (7.5 sec) with one inertial stab II

V_max = V_base × ( 1 + V_bonus × ( Thrust / mass ))

Hmm thanks for this, but is there a flat acceleration rate then? This determines the V_Max but doesn’t define at what time in the cycle you’ll hit 75%?

Common knowledge is to fit 5mn on frigate/destroyer, 50mn on cruiser/battlecruiser, 500mn on battleship and your orca. But that’s a guideline and not a rule. If you want to fit bigger or smaller on your ship because of certain reasons, go ahead!

If you want your ship to go much faster than expected, it may be worth sacrificing some fitting space to equip an oversized propmod. Or if you want only to use the propmod to get into warp faster it may be worth putting on an undersized propmod, as even an undersized propmod will temporarily increase your maximum velocity, which may be enough to get into warp after one cycle.

I have no experience with Orcas, but if you say it only needs 50mn to get into warp after one cycle, and gettting into warp after one cycle is the only thing you require from your propmod, then you may be right that you don’t need a 500mn.

Whether you need a certain size of MWD to get your ship in warp after one cycle depends on the ship type, character skills, ship fitting (nanos / inertial stabs and such reduce align time and may allow you to fit a smaller size propmod) and implants, so if a certain size works for you on a certain ship that’s great.

However, keep in mind that you could want to use the MWD for more than just ‘getting into warp’. If you ever want to use the propmod to move around, a 500mn MWD may be much more useful for a ship the size of an Orca. And the MWD penalties such as huge bloom (makes locking you much quicker) and lower cap, will be equal regardless of MWD size.

Also in case you want to align cloaked with MWD + cloak, you’ll generally need a bigger MWD size and in that case a 50mn would definitely not be enough for an Orca.

Bottomline is that if a 50mn allows you to get into warp in one cycle on your ship with your skills and ‘getting into warp in one cycle’ is all you want on that ship from a MWD, use that 50mn.

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What Gerard said, Alistair, is that… IT DEPENDS !!! HI HI HI ;);):wink:
(it is a joke, here, because that’s what usually Alistair’s questions prompt people, including me, to answer… but i am only joking here)

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