Nidhog w/ Capital MWD?

Any reason why I don’t see these things with capital-sized MWDs? Keep seeing them fit with 500mn. Asked one dude, and he said something about… I dunno… either not being able to do the warp cloak trick, or not being able to warp away in 1 cycle, or something.

For ratting or in general to speed up your ship to warp speed, the 500MN MWD is more than enough. Plus, the Gist MWD have no capacitor penalty which is an important bonus. The 50000MN are also increasingly hard to fit due to their massive PG requirements.

That’s weird. I fit a 500 on a Nid on Sisi and found the thrust incredibly lacking. It was way slower than my Orca.

So are the 50000s nearly impossible to fit at all?

It is not meant to give it top speed. The MWD is meant to speed it up to the 75% speed threshold necessary to warp out in 10 instead of the typical 25-30 seconds on a carrier. They are not meant to run for more than 1 or 2 cycles.

As you can see in the link above, they are not impossible to fit but require more unnecessary compromises.


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