Microwarpdrive on Industrials

According to the EVE University site, 50MN Microwarpdrives are appropriate for Industrial Ships.

So I was doing some experimenting in the fitting simulator. The base powergrid is 144 MW slapping on a 50 NM compact Microwarpdrive and I have… 9 MW left for other modules.

Am I missing something here, because it seems that pretty much leaves nothing for tanking or utility.

Surprise, industrials aren’t really designed to have much tanking or utility, except for DSTs (T2)


Great… nice I just die the next time a Thrasher wants me dead. I wish you could jam more stuff onto a ship than you have power for. even if you couldn’t use all the modules. Then I could just turn off the Microwarpdrive when someone tries a gate camp (since having your signature radius balloon is useless anyways)

There is good chance they have scram so your MWD will be useless anyway. Still, google MWD cloak trick. This and having enough EHP to survive at lest one tornado volley should have you covered for most of hisec hauling.

Just remember, more value you haul, more likely you gonna become target. For small volume high value. Sub 2s align sunesis is much better option.

Insta undock and dock bookmark are absolute must in any form of hauling. No tank gonna save you when you slow boat to dock. And sub 2s align won’t work if you have to do 180 turn on undock or someone will bump you.

In the end. Just expect it to die. If you want your good to be safely moved. Create courier contract and pay someone else to take risk.


It’s possible to do the cloak-warp trick with only a 5mn drive on some T1 industrials. 50mn is not needed. Eve Uni is wrong here.

Thanks for you advice.

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