Advice about deep space transports and cloaking

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i found out that a masmios is not a good way to deliver minerals through high sec, a few times i were attacked. Now i heared that deep space transports are made for such purposes and i also heared that cloaking and using a mwd to bring you out of the danger zone are beste, even better then a tank fit.
My questions are:

  1. Is the cloaking/mwd trick on DSTs still working and is it better then tanking for them ?

  2. I’m Amarr, should i simply use my race DST(Impel) or is one of the other 3 better ?

Would be kind if you can help me out, i bothered help channels already but this topic is to intensive it seems.

Being able to perform the MWD-Cloak trick and tanking a ship are not mutually exclusive.
They can be done at the same time.

DSTs (Deep Space Transports) can potentially have REALLY BEEFY tanks with “basic” modules too (upwards of 200k ehp with decent skills).
If all you are doing is moving minerals then you should be mostly fine with tank alone.

That said… the cloak will come in handy in “emergency” situations.

And yes… the MWD-Cloak trip is still possible. :slight_smile:
Before you get a DST, I would recommend that you first practice with a regular hauler to get the hang of it.

They all have pros and cons.
The Impel potentially has the biggest armor tank of the three DSTs (I’ve seen some people using “fancy” modules getting over 500k+ ehp). However its speed and agility/acceleration will leave a little to be desired.


Good advice. Practice with an empty ship with no one around. It’s not hard but takes a bit of getting used to.


Thanks for the infos so far ! I have to admit i know Eve Online since long years, but had long breaks between…many things are new, others i never tried out. I can describe myself as eternal newbie
I hauled so far in some Iterons and my Miasmos, but as mentioned today i nearly got killed with a precious freight the second time some systems away from Jita and i thought: now this has to end, there MUST be better ships for me hauling ore to jita;)
It is a nice imagination, to fly cloaked through a gang of Evilists at a gate and they don’t even know of me, so a mix between cloak and if that fails my tanking and mwd saves me…that would be great i guess.
I found a very interesting and informative, 3 year old reddit-thread about the topic, which DST would be the best for hauling:

but still not sure lol

Good on you looking for different tactics and tools when faced with adversity! Keep that mantra in everything you do and you will go far!

Now regarding the details of your post:
Jita is a hotbed of activity.
So much so that the average ganker(s) can shoot any random player (without scouting/scanning in advance) and have a good chance of getting lucky with a decent loot haul.

So the usual calculation of “don’t carry more value than it takes to gank the ship” won’t apply here.

You have the right idea on getting a ship (see: Deep Space Transports) that is well known for its tanking abilities… but factor in that those ships are also quite expensive.
The REAL question is: Is your peace of mind worth spending a couple hundred million ISK up front for a couple million ISK worth of minerals with each haul?

I ask this because I mentioned in a previous post that one can perform the MWD-Cloak trick on a regular, T1 hauler.
With only a small investment in the cloak, MWD/AB, and some token tank you can make a T1 hauler quite effective in the role of mineral hauler.

Which brings me to the next thing…

Sooooooooo… I am not sure what you are imagining… but the MWD-Cloak trick does not allow one to fly away while cloaked.

That is reserved only for ships that can use the Covert-Ops Cloaking device.
(hint: The hauling ship that can fly around cloaked is called a Blockade Runner. They are faster and more nimble, but have much lower tanks and cargo capacity)

The MWD-Cloak trick is manipulation of the speed/acceleration mechanics.
In a nutshell…

  • Align the ship at the desired destination at top speed
  • Turn on the MWD for one cycle. This increases a ship’s top speed by 500%
  • Turn on the the Cloaking device. This cuts a ship’s top speed by 90% and prevents others from targeting the ship**
  • When the MWD cycle ends (after a few seconds), turn off the Cloak and hit the “Warp To” button.

Due to the way the MWD and cloak interact, a ship should be within the 75% max speed threshold needed to warp. And, because of the first action taken (see: “Aligning To”), the ship should be aligned within ~5 degrees of the desired trajectory.

**Note: Cloaking devices do have limitations. They turn off when there are objects closer than 2000m and the cloak cannot be spammed on/off.
So there will ALWAYS be a chance that you can be found, targeted, and nuked.

For the r/EVE thread… it comes down to personal taste and what you want to do.

For people who actively fly and go through more hostile areas (low/null-sec and w-space) the Occator will probably be best due to its agility and versatility.

For someone like me who is semi-paying attention and moving only through high-sec… the Impel will be best because I can simply buffer tank the thing and be reasonably sure that few people will bother getting the numbers to nuke me.

The Mammoth and Bustard… same deals except they are shield-centric ships and shield ships are icky. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the Kryos is much better suited for that task. For (compressed) ore the Miasmos is great though.
Be aware transport ships for each race need about 20 additional days of skilling (Amarr Industrial V, Caldari Industrial V etc). Also that way the ship itself becomes juicy to gankers just because of its own value.

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I decided to get the Impel, because i have started the Amarr Industrial-skill already. The cloak-MWD trick seems to be a bit complicated when under fire, at least for me, but thanks for the explanation ! The MWD will help getting me out of the worst fire until the police arrives hopefully :slight_smile:
I already copied a fit that i think its pretty good what you think about it ?:

My first reaction was to wince.
By the way: there’s some really good advice in this thread.

The fitting you linked isn’t really bad. It’s just not what I’d fly - the Impel has a native +2 warp stability, adding more is just a waste. There’s a reason possibly for adding one (there are +3 warp scramblers out there), but if you are using the MWD/Cloak trick then you shouldn’t be that exposed, and native +2 will handle long range warp disruption attempts. If you are relying on some form of aggressive defence as this fit does (Energy Neuts and ECM jammers) then you’ve really smashed your lock time with the warp stabilisers: that’'s more than 30 seconds to lock a frigate up before you can work on him. The recent-ish changes to ECM make it ineffective for breaking the lock of the ship that has you tackled. And a gang will quickly apply more than one warp scrambler to you.
Any you’ve only realistically got a 36k EHP tank.

A buffer fitted Impel should be something more like 85k EHP with non-bling modules - a mix of plate and hardeners and still able to do the MWD/Cloak trick.

This is what I typically fly:

Terak's Impel

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[Impel, Impel]

Reactive Armor Hardener
Medium Armor Repairer II
Damage Control II
Prototype Compact EM Armor Hardener I
Prototype Compact Kinetic Armor Hardener I
Prototype Compact Explosive Armor Hardener I
Thermal Armor Hardener II

50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Cap Recharger II

Improved Cloaking Device II
[Empty High slot]

Medium Engine Thermal Shielding II
Medium Low Friction Nozzle Joints II

She’s not perfect: 50k EHP with 390dps repair cold. Much better overheated, MWD/Cloak capable.
I’ve survived a gank attack in high-sec with her - I think they under estimated it: It was exciting.
That may be a usable base for your own development.

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Thank you for your hints, i’m glad for every information. I’m not convinced if the cloak/mwd trick is the right thing for me, since i tend to confuse my own hands under time pressure-.-
So your fit is obviously much better then mine, i wondered anyway why i should drain a enemy’s energy(had to ask in help for this module lol) instead of just activate/overheat hardeners and wait for the police to clear things.

Can you suggest me, how i could maximize my tanking, when the cloaking device( and the mwd too ?) would be removed ? All the other things you have look very good to me

ALL of us have gone through the same experience. And I mean all of us no matter when you started. Work on it in your spare time, no pressure. Why do you think the militaries of the world practice so much? So when they face real combat, they are prepared. (well, at least kinda)

None of the bitter old vets started out as bitter old vets. We persevered.