Question about cloaking and cloaking fitting

I wanna write down my train of thought. Please correct me if I came to the wrong conclusion anywhere with real arguments and proof of why it does not work, not just “that is not how it is done” or “why would you want to do that?”.

I was looking up stuff on how to move expensive cargo securely.

Previously I was using a Miasmos but It is slow as ■■■■. For moving ore one or two systems it is ok but often when I buy modules for ships they don’t require that much cargo space and I would like to not take hours to fly 20 jumps or so.

Of course, there are shuttles but they have a very small cargo bay and no defenses which would make it not secure to move any more expensive modules.

So people recommended the fast frigates or the special destroyer Sunesis.

Sunesis is a bit expensive for me. I mean I can afford it but I don’t want to pay that much for something I won’t use too often.

So I looked into fitting a frigate and how to make hauling cargo more secure. One option is to make a ship as tanky as possible, which I already knew. But this means there is always a limit. If you haul cargo that is more expensive than a ship needed to kill you, you become prey in high sec. In low and null sec you can always be a target. At least that is how I understand it.

This means to haul something worth 100 mil you should have a ship that can withstand an attack from a ship of that price range. So you have to scale your ship with the cost of the cargo which becomes expensive and big ships are slow.

In addition, a frigate can not get to too many defenses which means what you can haul is very limited before you become easy prey.

But when looking at how to warp faster I came across cloaking and how to warp fast with cloaking on without revealing yourself.

This seems to be very secure since nobody can even lock on to you when you cloak. So I made this fitting for an Atron:

The Bust Jammer is for when they lock you fast enough, breaking the lock to survive hopefully.

Would this work?

The “cloak warp trick” is for ships that enter warp slow. I’m talking > 10 seconds slow (with mwd off). So the cloak won’t help most frigates to warp faster as they should align faster than 10 seconds anyway. It can be used to hide if needed though.

The burst jammer will break locks but it is an AOE effect so really can’t be used in high sec or low sec unless you want to have an accident when using it leading to your death.

Really your best bet if your not in an area with bubbles is to be so fast that it is extremely hard to lock you (align < 2 seconds) or so tanky compared to your cargo they don’t bother. The Atron can achieve the fast align time so you don’t even need to think about the cloak in that way.

The cloak is just for utility. Ie you could warp to a moon and cloak while dscanning the out gate to see what is there.

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I know you have already dismissed it on price but the Sunesis is really really really good at this. I have one for moving things around low-sec and its great. It can be fitted to have around 1500m3 cargo bay and a <2 second align time. Depending on your skills you may have to compromise on the cargo bay to bring the align time down (if you arnt aligning in less than 2 then its not worth it)
Add a few salvagers in high and you have yourself a ninja looter as well.
Has a surprising amount of EHP to.
Honestly i think its the best choice and totally worth it.

A T1 expo frigate could work as well. They have decent sized cago bays and you can fit them to be quick on align time but you might struggle to get sub 2 seconds. not at an eve client to simulate one at the moment to check.

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One issue with Sunesis is that although it can align fast it has a bigger signature than frigates which makes it easier to lock. I have routinely caught < 2 second Sunesis because of their size and the misplaced belief that < 2 seconds makes them uncatchable.

which is why one should not use modules that increase signature like shield extenders if they want to warp fast!

question is which time window is smaller where you are out in the open? Warping immediately without cloak or when you enter cloak before warping?

the longer you sit around in the open the easier it is to lock and shoot.

well touch wood………I have yet to be caught. :slight_smile:

but nothing should be invincible.

Same effect, but much cheaper: You can’t be locked when in warp.
I didn’t try yet how long you’re visible and lockable between decloak form gatecloak and your own cloaking effect after activating the cloaking device. But be aware you only can warp cloaked in Covert Ops ships, which are more expensive than a Sunesis and need some skill training. Your Atron won’t warp when in cloak.

Some cloaking basics.

In my first years, when I was transporting small stuff, the Imicus was my favorite hauler, that’s what Etch proposed:

MWD Cloak Trick: Be aware that your signature is huge while in MWD, so if you decloak too early, you are in peril because locking you is much easier.

but the cloak trick is not for warping cloaked, it is to stay cloaked while you charge up the warping.

I have moved a lot of stuff in/out of lowsec in just an Imicus fitted with 2 cargo expanders and a T2 nano.

Decent haul capacity and speed.

If you really need to haul fast and stealthy go for a blockade runner. But that will take more time to train into, especially the covert cloak.

For some thing speed, large capacity, and survivability just don’t mix. Pick what is most important to you.

That’s why I mentioned this:

My opinion: It’s clumsy, expensive, you have fitting issues, you need additional skill training, and you still can lose your ship (These gankers are cunning, you know).
But of course you should try and form your own opinion, that’s how EVE works.

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