Best 1000m3 LowSec Runner

Hello all,

I have a ship I am fitting in lowsec, before the warp stab changes, no problem, now… problem.

I plan to carry the modules 1-by-1, they are 1000m3 each and about 500mil each. It is a lowsec system. There is always an instalocker on the gate with a faction (+3) scram. He pins and calls in buddies.

I need to make it by this guy and warp to station. Whats the best way to do it? Can any ship w/ an interdiction nullifier carry 1000 m3? I’m assuming that would be best way to go.

Any input appreciated. Thanks all!

P.S. have tried tanking like crazy hoping gate guns grab them, no luck.

Coming from highsec, into the lowsec system, and warping to station.
I only have to make it past the one initial ‘camp’ then warp to station.
0.5 → 0.4 → Station

Blockade runner, any of them, cloak\nano\stab fit

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Isn’t the stab a waste of a slot, given that faction scrams make them useless?

If you are just in lowsec you don’t need to worry about nullification.

My recommendation would be to take a sunesis and fit it for sub 2 second align time and cargo space. I’m fairly certain you can get both <2 align time and >1000m^3 cargo.


thank you very much for your help

Sometimes your ship won’t be in scram range. The warp core stab may save you against points.

awesome point!


If you’re moving multiple large items that are also expensive, I’d look into a Jump Freighter. You probably don’t even need to fly it, just find someone else with one and pay them to move your stuff. PushX would cost about 80m base for one JF jump and then all your stuff is in the station hassle and risk free.

Edit: PushX also offers a Blockade Runner service which might be cheaper. It’s limited to 12.5k m3 and 5 bil collateral but it sounds like that should fit pretty well.


500m isk in cargo is high value, i personally use scout alt for that, preferabbly caracal with rapid light missiles so those pesky insta lockers can be blabbed in case of emergency. If you are carrying 1000 m3 to low sec then a blockade runner might be the best.

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Consider scouting Drifter WH chain if Jove Observatories nearby.

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You know the cheapest 1000 m3 runner (has more m3 tho), would be the Nereus, it can be made to fast alignment with WCS but unfortunately only 1 can be fitted and if someone points you with a faction scrambler you’re done.

Too bad CCP devs nerfed it, kinda useless now and seems like only gankers see buffs in reality.

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