Moving Building Materials into Lowsec

I recently decided to try my hand at lowsec manufacturing, so I found an EC that seems appropriate one jump in from a highsec gate. I’m curious how others typically move building materials into such a system. I have a freighter alt that has always handled my transportation needs in the past, but I’m not sure I should be taking it even one jump into lowsec. I can get out okay (the EC is aligned to the out gate), but I’m concerned about getting in since I’m vulnerable for quite a while during the alignment.

How do others handle this? Is this something I absolutely need a JF for, or can a regular freighter usually make that one jump without incident if I keep an observer on the gate and monitor the system?

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Freighter will die at lowsec gates. Valid options:

  • blockade runner for small stuff
  • Deep space transport with cloak/mwd (and compressed ore)
  • Jump freighter
  • courier contract

I’m doing quite a bit of lowsec industry, but only low volume stuff like rigs or some T2 which I can bring in/out with my Ares or Prowler.


Keep an ALT in system so you can “see” where you’re going. The gate camps you know about are the easiest to avoid!

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Align time for my Charon is 26 seconds so if you have alt pilot in that lowsec system and monitoring system for a 5-10 minutes, it should not be a problem to get in and warp safe to EC. No risk, no fun, rgiht!?

I would recommend you to create two spots in that system, one for warping to EC at 0km and one on the gate at 0km. So even if you land 2000 meters away of that spot, it’ll still be 0km from gate and you can jump right away. :wink:

Just thinking … sitting cloaked on gate, warp from safespot to gate … all fine in under 26s to tackle

Just thinking … there are a lot of low-sec systems with no pilots in system at all

Yeah, but unlikely those with public ECs near a tradehub :wink:

Honestly the safest way is to use a T2 transport ship or even a jump freighter rather than a normal freighter. Or even better, make a courier contract and get someone else to move it!

Though if you absolutely must use a normal freighter, first scout the system out and make sure it’s clear. Also it is highly recommended to have an alt that can web you when you jump in to get off the gate faster.

This would be my suggestions. Best of luck!

Edit: Apparently my phone replaced “recommended” with “unlikely” … auto correct trying to say something?

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I appreciate the replies. They at least confirm that I’m not missing anything obvious. I’ll probably try a range of options. Like using a DST during busy times, a freighter and observer during quiet periods (if I have a lot to move) and start training my transport alt into a JF. One of things moving into lowsec allows me to do is transition to compressed ores, so I should be moving significantly smaller loads.

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recommended flow diagram
Tanked Orca & compressed ore to pos in system that has refinery & freighter
freight it to ec.

falcon alt highly recommended

If your alt is in the same corp as your freighter pilot, use a web to sling the freighter away from the empty gate in seconds.

try GHSOL, is a freight service specialized in low sec. 90m for a whole insured jump freighter cargo.

I made a Fast aligning T1 transport for ore transport out of LS space. That being said the rule “don’t fly…” applies.

You have two chars, one is the freighter pilot sitting at the gate to lowsec, waiting. The other is in lowsec, at the gate, looking at local and d-scan. Your lowsec alt sits in a tripplewebbing frigate. When the gate, the grid and d-scan are clear you jump the freighter in.

If you don’t care about getting blapped by the sentries, you save time initiating the LE timer aka duels, otherwise that’s an extra step you insert before or after your freighter jumping. the LE has a five minute countdown, giving you a lot of room.

immediately you notice where the freighter sits at cloaked and initiate warp. you switch to your lowsec char and burn towards the freighter for one or two seconds, while locking it, and then hit the breaks not to bump it. you had your webs pre-set and they apply immediately, s3nding your freighter off, into warp.

Beware: your freighter must be within around 80 degree towards the 5 degree wiggleroom towards the destination for this to work. if you web too early, you risk your freighter taking longer, because it hasn’t properly aligned towards the target yet.

You can train this at highsec gates. it’ll do you wonders.

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Nothing to do with alignment/angle. It’s all about speed.

That won’t help him visually, though. in his webbing alt, he needs to run on visual clues, or time the alt-tabbing right, which will end in a mess of back-and-forth tabbing. Using the overview is equally bad, because of it’s long intervals. For his purpose, looking at the angle is sufficient.

Nope. My F/JF alts have agility implants and the “angles” are way off. Relying on this visual clue is unreliable. It’s better to keep the F/JF window active and when 75% of speed is reached, alt-tab to webber and sling it.

hm. okay! thanks for the correction!

need coffee.

If you are at 75% there is no need for the webber.


Don’t forget you can move a metric crapton of COMPRESSED ore in an Endurance or Prospect and have almost zero risk of being caught.