This Week in EVE #169 (9 - 15 September)

“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events. The previous overview is here.

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The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of the week from 9 - 15 September.

Dev News

September release is live

The September release was published on 12 September. The release includes:

  • Improved graphics and UI elements
  • New skills in preparation for moon mining changes
  • Market ticker
  • Improved New Player Experience
  • Bug fixes and more

For further info, have a look at:

Balance Update with EVE Online: Lifeblood

A new, focused balance effort is kicking off with a first overhaul arriving in the EVE Online: Lifeblood:

  • Tech I Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers
  • 9 ships
  • New options and possibilities
  • Coming 24 October

After the Lifeblood expansion, we will continue the balancing effort!

Submissions for Player Ads for EVE Vegas 2017 are now open!

We are excited to offer you a great opportunity! Get your video advertisement promoted during the fantastic EVE Vegas live stream - for free, of course!

  • All video material must be EVE related.
  • The advertised item/service must be EVE related.
  • Advert cannot include copyrighted audio or visuals.
  • The advert must be suitable for all ages.
  • The deadline is 29 September.

Contact to submit your video and to ask any questions!

CSM meeting minutes

The first summit of CSM 12’s term took place from August 21-24. The minutes from the sessions at the summit are now available for download and peruse.

If you wish to discuss the contents of the minutes, please use this forum feedback thread.

EVE Vegas sold out!

EVE Vegas 2017 is now SOLD OUT!

This year’s event in the Nevada desert from 6 -8 October is officially the largest EVE player gathering EVER hosted outside CCP’s home country of Iceland.

Guides and community info

[Lifeblood] Corporate Mining Ledger - New on the test server

With the EVE Online: Lifeblood expansion on 24 October, we will get a nifty new feature: Mining Ledger.

The ledger allows you to visualize mining activities. Additionally to the personal mining ledger, we have a corporation mining ledger.

[Lifeblood] “Little Things” - Useful quality-of-life improvements

As with every great expansion, we will get highly helpful and popular “Little Things” quality-of-life improvements. More details in the linked dev post!

EVEDR4GONS - Lore en español / Lore in Spanish

Thanks to a massive effort by dedicated players, the Spanish speaking EVE community has now access to some of the best Sci-Fi out there: the profound and intricate lore of EVE Online.

Thank you, DR4GONS and Jijae Chan, very much for eight months of translation work. Everyone, give this incredible effort a round of applause!

Quick info: The Wolf - Minmatar Assault Frigate

Another quick info video from Evocationz Adhera. This time, it is all about the Wolf, the Minmatar assault frigate.

Watch the video and learn about this ship, how to fit it and how to use it in combat.

Industry: Transporting materials to a low-sec Engineering Complex

Engineering Complexes in low-sec space can give you some nice production bonus compared to high-sec complexes.

How can you take advantage of these complexes? Here are some suggestions:

  • Blockade runners for small stuff
  • Deep space transport with cloak/microwarp drive
  • Compressed ore instead of minerals
  • Jump freighters
  • Outsourced risk via courier contracts

And of course, use scouts!

Faction Warfare: 5 steps to an easy start

Faction Warfare is an ideal way to have a lot of fun in EVE without having to train a whole bunch of skills or spend a lot of ISK.

DrButterfly PhD provides five easy steps to get into Faction Warfare). Also, have a look at additional resources such as

Community artwork

Fight around a Fortizar

Another impressive screenshot from Wilhelm Arcturus on Evepics. This time, we see a capital fight with titans on the field at a Fortizar Citadel.

Supercapital battle - An insider point of view

Adan Dimaloun is well-known for his impressive videos. This time, we see the supercapital fight in XWY-YM. This epic battle saw the destruction of 470 billion ISK.

Beautiful double-exposure images

Thanks to Greybill, we can enjoy beautiful double-exposed images which overlay EVE characters and spaceship. Have a look at Greybill’s website and learn how these images were done. Maybe you can do something similar? Be inspired!

Special offers

2-for-1 Multiple Character Training

A special offer for multiple character training (MCT):

This offer is a great opportunity to prepare for EVE Online: Lifeblood (training new industry skills) and to strengthen your alt characters!

Spectral SKIN for Sisters of EVE ships

A fascinating new SKIN is available for Sisters of EVE ships. The Spectral shift is a semi-reflective pattern displaying a color change from red to blue.

  • Astero frigate: 250 PLEX
  • Stratios cruiser: 250 PLEX
  • Nestor battleship: 390 PLEX
  • SKIN-Bundle with 10% discount: 801 PLEX

This SKIN is now available in the New Eden Store.



nice :rofl:

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Thank you for the mention @ccpphantom

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If anyone has any other interesting things which might be relevant to the general community, you are welcome to post here too!

Also, some feedback about the structure of the summary, its content, what you would like to see more/less is always appreciated!


Thank you CCP for yet another excellent Eve Online release on September 12th; thanks for all your hard work and for all your hard working employees’ easily-seen dedication to being the very best on the internet. And thanks also for highlighting DrButterfly PHD’s excellent Faction Warfare guide, “Getting Started in FW, a new player’s guide” which I very much enjoyed reading. And of course thanks is always owed to all the contributing pilots (such as DrButterfly PHD) and to everyone else who helped with all the amazing current events now active in the Eve Online Universe


I think the way this is laid out is very good but if I may maybe, “this week in eve” should be emailed to all active accounts? Or is this done? It might help bring people back into eve if they have left if they see new content etc


This is not done at the moment, I can see if that is possible. Thanks for the idea!


Did I miss a reference to the biggest theft/backstabbing/alliance collapse/leadership ban in eve history? That is some content for the playerbase that would be interesting to highlight and see some CCP feedback on the developments. Whether intentional or not, it seems like that’s an elephant in the room that should not be ignored.


Evocationz Adhera, that does seem like perhaps a very good idea to email a copy of every week’s “This Week in Eve” to the email accounts of all pilots who have played Eve. Your idea could surely help bring back players who haven’t played Eve for a while back into the active community. And the more players who play regularly, the better for everyone I think!


I just think that if eve players i.e ALL ever players got weekly updates via email, it could potentially leads to:

  1. Players returning
  2. All people registered with alphas
  3. More players taking part in events

Because a lot of people iv’e spoken to don’t open the this week in eve so if they got an email with this layout, I personally think more people will read it


Do you know the reason for that? Do they simply not know about it, don’t they care? Are the topics not interesting enough? Too much to read, too spammy?

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From what iv’e been told they have said it’s a lot of hassle having to open a link, out of game, browser up, for us with 2-3 screens it’s not an issue but of course not everyone has that ability i.e income.

I’m lucky, others not so much. So maybe an email would get a greater response because we all look at our emails once a day don’t we, we set aside a small time to peruse etc. I mean I was talking to a guy on Zarvox comms before he went live and he had no idea what the CSM was or where to read the notes for the meeting, but maybe if he had got an email? He would have read them etc

Anyway, just my input :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the mention again @CCP_Phantom!

I have a question about the 2 for one multiple character training. Can i use it to train a 2nd character for 2 months instead of a 3rd character for 1?

Also, what does “Alpha training restrictions apply” mean? If i have an Omega account and buy MTC, do the additional characters only have the ability to train alpha skills? (Note, it says further down that if my subscription expires MTC will pause, not revert to alpha)

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I guess the destruction of one of the biggest alliances in the game isn’t newsworthy.


That wouldn’t work. You can’t pool the extra free training into a single characters. The 30 days extra training time will be available on both your additional characters on the account.

It means that, if you have an Alpha account, you can only train Alpha skills on it - MCT doesn’t convert your Alpha account to Omega. If you have an Omega account, all characters will train with Omega speed and can train Omega skills.


Thanks! I’ll pass this time then.

That deal you did a while ago where you subbed for 3 months and got 3 months MCT for free was really nice by the way. Any plans to do that again?

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Not right now, no. :slight_smile:

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