This Week in EVE #171 (23 - 29 September)

“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events. The previous overview is here.

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The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of the week from 23 - 29 September.

Dev News


A big day for CCP and the EVE: Valkyrie team! We have released EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone on September 26th. Whether you are VR or flatscreen, mouse and keyboard or controller, PC or console, you can fly, fight and die together. Check out the blog!

Upcoming: EVE Vegas on Oct 6-8 + Full live broadcast

EVE Vegas is CCP’s incredible player gathering in Las Vegas. If you are not at EVE Vegas, watch the live stream with presentations, dev interviews and more. Don’t miss the fun!

First Official Sparc Off Tournament

Sparc, the new virtual sport, was released a month ago. Now, we have the first 3-day tournament with US- and EU-brackets. Follow the fun on Discord!

EVE Online has been shortlisted for the GoldenJoysticks

EVE Online has been shortlisted for the Golden Joysticks Awards in the “Still Playing” Category! Head over to to show your support by voting for internet spaceships!

Guides and community info

Guide: Overview of Level 4 Mining Missions

Mining missions are an easy way to earn some ISK and loyalty points on the side (for a good mining guide, check here). What exactly can you earn by running these mission? What do you need to mine? Have a look at themining mission overview compiled by Shriven Intaki!

Tool: Market analysis with Adam4EVE

Market trading can be fun and profitable. Figuring out where you can find good profits, finding items with a high turnover making you good money, discovering markets with almost no competitors … Check out the site Adam4EVE which provides also statistical EVE market data.

Video: Solo PVP - Taranis interceptor

PVP is fun! Have a look at EvEPathfinders’ latest Taranis interceptor roam. Good fights included!

Video: Live streams on CCP’s twitch channel

We are ramping up our live streaming and streaming support. Have a look at the CCP Twitch channel. We have daily players streams and several times a week live dev streams. The schedule for each week can be found here.

Community news: EVE Bloggers

Don’t miss out good EVE stories, in-depth articles, and useful guides! Check out the aggregated news at EVE Bloggers including the 7-day feed.

Community artwork

Achlys: An EVE Online Story - Teaser Trailer

A very intriguing teaser from Jezaja about the EVE story “Achlys”!

HEDWAY Station: New moon mining effects

HEDWAY Station delivers again This time a great image about the moon mining drilling effect on the test server Singularity. A reminder though, especially in early development stages, graphics and other game properties can considerably change on the test servers!

The Bloc: Fight for the State

Corvus Onzo delights us with a great video: Fight for the State! What are you fighting for?

Special offers

Imperial Jubilee SKINs: Celebrate the coronation anniversary of Empress Catiz I

A fantastic new SKIN is available in honor of Empress Catiz I’s coronation anniversary. Celebrate with us and enjoy this high-quality SKIN in the New Eden Store!

24 hour Skill Extractor sale

Take advantage of our 24-hour Skill Extractor pack sale! Check out the in-game New Eden Store and benefit from a 15% discount. Available only until 18:00 UTC on Sep 30.


Insurrection is recruiting


Do you have any promo material, e.g. videos, websites, recruitment links?

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As we’re talking about market tools - how about the most versatile and one of the longest running one:


Thanks for the info!
I tried that goldenjoysticks site but it’s very slow to roll down the pages so I gave up.

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Thanks again CCP for another “week” of Eve Online intensity . I particularly enjoyed your highlighting some more valuable information about mining. And the links that you included to the excellent “Saarith’s Mining Guide” and also to the “Guide: Overview of Level 4 Mining Missions.” I see everyone’s incredibly hard work at keeping Eve relevant and thriving and evolving. And I’m constantly amazed at everything incredible coming from the player community. And also too at all the never-ending hard work that CCP invests in all of us.

Sometimes Eve seems more real to me than reality. Whether that’s says something good or something bad about real life on Earth today could perhaps be argued or debated. But what wonders to be seen at the level of immersion offered by CCP and all their dedicated employees at this unreality. To anyone that wants to finally escape gravity and fly off away into the furthest reaches of the unreality universe.


What’s the ETA on “Move to PLEX Vault” finally being ■■■■■■■ fixed?

So moon mining no longer looks like “pew pew pew… pew pew”?
10/10 ING

Thank you for your weekly efforts, CCP Phantom!

Didn’t find any mistakes today. :blush:


How do you block a dev so you don’t have to see tripe like this?

You could just leave the thread again and ignore it very politely?
Just a suggestion.

But it’s actually a good question if it’s possible to block someone on this forum.


Thanks for posting another great condensed summary of ‘This Week In Eve’.

Now I understand CCP wanting to promote more Mining in Eve but wasn’t this guide already featured a few weeks ago in the Guides And Community Info section ?

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Ok what hapen about finish aurum changes ccp still own to players aurum under 1000 a
players not forgot ,and 3 months gone

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Working on that.


The EvE Story is using Voice over from Harry Potter.

So what happened to EveGate, closed on Wed. 27-Sept, not mentioned in current ‘this week in EVE’

I am delighted to see that the content of the summary is not instantly forgotten but sticks around a bit. Yes, I mentioned the mining guide in a previous summary, but now Shriven Intaki published as follow-up the result of a 1-month long research showing details about each mining mission. That was worth pointing to.


@CCP_Phantom, Where has this weekly summary gone? D:

@Adan_Dimaloun The weekly summary will be back! :smiley: The previous summaries got cancelled due to focus on EVE Vegas and the Lifeblood expansion.

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