This Week in EVE #165 (12 - 18 August)


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“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events. The previous overview is here. Blue text links to further information.

The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of week from August 12 to 18

Dev News

Alliance Tournament XV Finals: Eight Teams Enter, One Team Leaves

The final weekend of Alliance Tournament XV is here! Eight teams are left, and they will fight with everything they have. Follow the thrilling fights and listen to expert commentators this weekend.

Have fun with the finals!

EVE Online August release is live - Deployed on 16 August

The next EVE Online release was published - with one day delay - on 16 August.

The highlights of this release are:

This release contains also numerous smaller improvements and bug fixes. Check out the additional info:

Welcome To The Warzone - A Guest Blog From The EVE Valkyrie Team

Exciting changes are coming to EVE: Valkyrie on 26 September: With the launch of EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone, you will no longer need a VR headset to join this epic first-person spaceship shooter! This Valkyrie expansion includes many more features and changes, the introduction of non-VR access is the biggest change.

All Valkyrie players will be able to fly, fight and die together cross-platform on PC and PS4 - with or without a VR headset!

Monthly Economic Report - July 2017

The virtual economy of EVE Online is completely player driven, incredibly huge and fascinating. Get an insight into this amazing aspect of EVE Online with the monthly economic reports:

Also, check out the analysis by Wilhelm Arcturus.

Designing a spaceship - Live design with CCP Bunnyvirus

Live streamed on August 17th: CCP BunnyVirus, Senior 3D Artist on EVE‘s art team, gave us a peek into his experimental redesign of the Osprey. The current Osprey is a Caldari support cruiser known for its somewhat sprawling, asymmetrical features. This is a good chance to see how spaceships get made!

Special offers

Global PLEX sale - 25% discount between 17 - 21 August

Grab some PLEX! Between 17 and 21 August, we offer PLEX with a 25% discount. This discount is available on ALL packages - starting with the 110 PLEX bundle. Additionally, we have a 25% discount on Character Resculpts.

New SKIN for CONCORD ships: Firewatch for Pacifier and Enforcer!

A new SKIN for your CONCORD ships is available. Enjoy the brand new Firewatch SKIN for the Pacifier frigate and Enforcer cruiser. These SKINs cost only 110 PLEX.

Guides and community info

EVE Influence map: Political landscape in EVE

The Verite Influence map shows the political landscape of EVE. Who are the power blogs, where is their space? Where are the hot spots in the EVE Universe? Check out the old Community Spotlight about this map. Also, enjoy the 10-year time-lapse of political change - another proof that EVE is all about the players.

EVE Valkyrie Warzone raffle

To celebrate the announcement of EVE: Valkyrie Warzone, you have a chance to win an incredible EVEValkyrie - Warzone PC bundle. More info on Overclockers!

Hard science: Alliance Tournament is sports!

Thanks to Longdrinks of The Tuskers, we have scientific proof that the Alliance Tournament is real sports - high heart rate included. Check out his heart rate chart from one of the pilots on the Tuskers team before and during their first AT XV match.

History of Stain region

The history of EVE is very rich - and fully player driven. BadRandolf has compiled a short history of the Stain region with lots of interesting bits and pieces including ancient screenshots.

Carrier ratting guide

What can you do with a carrier aside from PVP? Ratting, of course! Shriven Intaki posted a streamlined version of Fleet Master K’s carrier ratting report. It contains tips and tricks, and many small pieces of useful advice. Have a look!

Fitting for Stabber Fleet Issue with Alpha skill set

Alpha players can use many ships, including the Stabber Fleet Issue. The challenging part is finding a good ship fitting. JC Mieyli has a suggestion, what do you think?

Gas harvesting in wormholes - What sites to expect?

Gas harvesting in wormholes can be very profitable. You hear this all the time, but what exactly can you expect? Duo Roman provides solid facts and info. Further details can be found on Rykki’s Wormhole Guide.

Disabling standing notifications

If you want to disable the standing changes notifications, you might want to have a look at ImaginationJunkie’s quick guide!

Community artwork

North vs South: The Imperium Strikes Back

Thanks to SWTOR for this amazing propaganda video about the most recent clashes between PL/NC and Goonswarm!

New artwork from Corrin Mor

Corrin Mor is famous for his unique style of EVE artwork. Now we can enjoy seven synthwave wallpapers. Thank you, Corrin!

Machariel fleet bridging

More artwork! This time, Wilhelm Arcturus brings us another of his impressive and very moody screenshots: A fleet of Machariel battleships briding towards the battlefield and eventually their own destruction.

This Week in EVE #166 (19 - 25 August)
«Эта неделя в EVE» №165 (12 - 18 августа)
EVE Wochenschau #165 (12. bis 18. August)
(CCP Phantom) #2

(gr33nCO) #3

Weird, I don’t see any mention of ESI being broken for 4 days. I figured that would be relevant news.

(SiRSp0T AloT) #4

Or the fact that the fu**** up many ppl by boosting anomic missions without telling a damn thing about this to the players, so they lost many ships cause of that.

Is it now common that u f up every patch and fill it with more bugs than actual features?

(Chaos Ellec0n) #5

Do you plan on passing out optional refunds to people who used plex to buy things like pants and shoes?

My space timbs no longer have any purpose without a captain’s quarters.

(Farr Arrow) #6

Thank you CCP and to all your hard-working employees for yet another excellent Eve Online release on August 16th; thanks for all your hard work and for your easily-seen dedication to being the best on the internet. I particularly enjoyed Lucky Clash and all the UI improvements. And thanks for highlighting BadRandolf’s incredible ancient screenshots on the history of the Stain Region and also Fleet Master K’s very interesting carrier ratting report. And of course thanks is owed also to pilots BadRandolf and Fleet Master K (and to everyone else who helped with all the amazing current events now active in the Eve Online Universe)

(michaeltward) #7

Well the lucky clash has to be the most ■■■■ even yet.

And can you kindly fix ESI already.

(Nora Maldoran) #8

That new Osprey, I wants it. :heart_eyes:

(Yiole Gionglao) #9

Any updates on why the eve updates page has been updated to remove the mention of Empire space updates for the Winter release?

(Nana Skalski) #10

Hey! Right, there has to be some empire space themed expansion and its nowhere to be find. :psyccp:

(Jarvae Simalia) #11

Also, we are still getting scan sites that don’t clear and as for that f*** up of an event Lucky clash I don’t think I need to say more about that : (

(Chiaros Curo) #12

So much history this week! BadRandolf’s ancient screenshots are a glorious traipse down Memory Lane for all the good and ill that was EVE in that period.

After seen that fitting window again, it becomes painfully evident why I bounce off EVE the first time in '06. Yet part of me pines for an EVE Classic server, I must be drunk on nostalgia.

Here, take the keys to this post, I’m in no condition to be operating it.:parrotbeer:

(Pakaji zanji) #13

Can we have Valkyrie full of mission. That’s what i bought for but only 1 mission excite me and the rest is just boring pvp without great objective. Try making a content like “freespace 2”. fight along with battle cruiser and dread or even titan in a war. I want it to be able to fly and shoot while BIG laser crossing over my screen exchanging fire.

Maybe fighter have a job of destroying ship module like in “homeworld2” in order to assist/support the big ship. Destroy their warp engine, laser gun, sheild gerenator, fighter bay, navigation/radar dish.

Please create content like this :frowning:

(elitatwo) #14

I hope the new Osprey will get the super-sexy symmetric treatment that the Moa got.

(Astrid Asanari) #15

fix ESI CCPls … it is very frustrating for wh players

(Helmslianna) #16

Kids these days… 0 respect.

(SiRSp0T AloT) #17

Old farts like u, still alive these days … u see how much that comment added, right, nothing like yours.