This Week in EVE #164 (August 5 - 11)

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The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of week from August 5 to 11

Dev News

Next EVE Online release on August 15 - Live event, UI improvements, structure iterations

The next EVE Online release will be published on 15 August during a regular downtime from 11:00 to 11:15 UTC (04:00a to 04:15a PST)

The highlights of this release are:

This release contains also numerous smaller improvements and bug fixes. Check out the additional info:

EVE Vegas 2017 Party Venue Announced - Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub

EVE Vegas is the biggest and most impressive EVE player gathering in the US. We are excited to present the venue for the Saturday night party: Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub.

Drai’s is only 5-minute walk away from the EVE Vegas venue, the LINQ. Permaband will be headlining the EVE Vegas Saturday night party! There are only a few tickets left!

Alliance Tournament XV: Two Weeks Down, Two To Go

The incredible Alliance Tournament is coming in hot! Week 3 of 4 is upon on. 24 teams are left, 8 of them undefeated so far. This weekend, August 12/13, the action continues with 26 thrilling fights. Join the live broadcast from CCP’s headquarters!

  • Date: 12 and 13 August
  • Start: 15:00 UTC (08:00a PDT)
  • End: 19:50 UTC (12:50p PDT)
  • Where:

Further info:

Enjoy and have fun!

CSM summit in Iceland from August 21 to 24

The 12th Council of Stellar Management will attend its first summit at CCP HQ in Iceland from 21 - 24 August. The council was democratically elected by the EVE community in March. The CSM will discuss EVE topics with the development teams and producers.

The results of the summit will be presented in the form of meeting minutes after the summit. Now is the time to reach out to the CSM if you have questions or want to bring something to their attention!

Special offers

Humble bundle Sci-Fi sale: 50% discount on EVE editions!

Humble Bundle with 50% discounts! Part of their Sci-Fi sale, we are happy to notify you about this excellent opportunity. Check out the offers:

Please note that you can activate the editions on your account only if you haven’t purchased it already before.

Guides and community info

EVE video contest: Campfire challenge

A super interesting contest for all video makers and EVE enthusiasts: Your narrated EVE video! Regardless if you are new to video making or a veteran, we encourage you to join JohnDrees’ contest. There are also prizes sponsored by EVENews24. Don’t hesitate, check out the forum info and get your video entry ready!

War in the North: Clash in Hakonen

Following an initial clash of forces on 8 August in the lowsec system Hakonen, we saw a follow-up huge fight with more than 2500 pilots and more 200 supercapitals. Check out the reports and see why this is just part of a much larger conflict:

Player gatherings and EVE meetings

The EVE community is fantastic - only a few things are better than sharing your passion for EVE with fellow players. Time and time again, EVE player gatherings have been proven to fun and exciting!

EVEMeet has upcoming player gatherings worldwide. The EVE Forum lists more player gatherings - don’t miss out!

Getting started in Incursions

Incursions are high-end group-based PvE events in highsec, lowsec and nullsec. The active community of Incursion runners agrees that Incursions are both fun and profitable. How do you get started? What do you need? CrossingZebras explains!

Skills to increase the effective hitpoints?

An interesting question: Which skills increase your effective hit points? Everything that increases your base hitpoints and resistances will have a direct impact.

EVE University public classes

EVE University offers regular public classes on all aspects of life in New Eden! Combat mechanics, ship fitting, PvE activities, PvP tactics - you name it, EVE Uni has it. Open to all players!

For the computer scientists: Help Cwittofur Cesaille help you!

There are some incredible clever people in the EVE community. Maybe someone can help Cwittofur Cesaille solving some issue with shortest path calculations?

Community artwork

Avatar with Sunset SKIN

EVE Online is beautiful. The scenery can vary so much, and there are so many different moods possible. Vollhov has captured one of the countless impressions: Avatar with Sunset SKIN

Impressions from Hakonen - Round 1 and 2

The previous two large battles in Hakonen (8 and 10 August) were huge, awe inspiring and intense. Rose Knightly has, once more, collected amazing images from the battlefield: Round two on 10 August and Round one on 8 August. Also, check out Whitemaul’s battle scene!


nice one

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Thank you so much!)

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Lucky Clash is not a live event more like one of many copy/paste events that have to be patched into the game.

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Great Job Phantom! These updates are better than ever.

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Ekk! it’s an honor to be featured again!

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a LARGE CITADEL was easy enough to be taken down by 5 subcap ships. Now you reduce this requirement to 3. Good job CCP.

This game has become increasingly frustrating to be played by small corporations with people that have a RL. You should mention that in your ads if you have any decency.

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The Logibro’s Fancy UI is a right way to ESPORT competition. For a common viewer, it’s easy to understand what’s happening on the grid. Just missing something like “PENTA KIIIIILL!”.

I’m so glad to read that UI improvements to exploration and missioning are done.

Almost all players waiting for some advanced and cool new map models. It’s very important to have atop some hot-buttons to switch the map overview and landmarks for: haulers, explorers, miners, FW militia and military strategists (including SOV diagrams and jump calculators).

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The Agency: Lucky Clash

During celebrations around the finals of Alliance Tournament XV, the Independent Gaming Commission have found themselves under attack by a mercenary organization identifying themselves as the Redtail Sharks.

Capsuleers from across the cluster are being recruited to defend their casino installations in various locations around New Eden from this new threat, with various rewards offered for ensuring that aggressive Redtail Shark patrols that pose danger to the IGC’s business interests are eliminated.

Well, you definitely got my attention. Nice story plot regarding the Lucky Clash event.

However it seems the actual game mechanics and important info pertaining to these ‘Live Events’ is shrouded in secrecy. Unless I’m missing something, other than the story plot, the only info I could find is this :

Lucky Clash event starts 15 August
Alpha 3 event starts 29 August.

Considering the fact that the Lucky Clash event starts in 3 days, it would be nice to know just exactly what the event specifications are and the requirements needed to take part in it.

Such as how long is the event, is it open to all Clone states, is it solo or fleet oriented, what type of ships are required, where are the locations, any special skills or equipment needed, average length of time to complete, any special loot rewards, etc?

Yes, inquiring minds want to know.


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I suspect it’s gonna be something similar to the drone event, so an alpha in a cruiser should be able to complete.

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Liebes CCP Phantom,
warum nützt Du Deinen begrenzten Zeitrahmen (Arbeitszeit) auch noch für Nachrichten auf englisch (das kann fast jeder CCP worker übernehmen)…
Nachrichten und Neuigkeiten für deutschsprachige Kunden, erinnern doch eher an " notwendiges Übel " auf Google-Übersetzer-Niveau… irgendwas zwischen gruselig und Null Bock…
…ich habe bisher versucht von anderen Spielen Deutschsprachige Kunden zu EVE rüber zu ziehen…aber Diese waren allesamt von der EVE-Dienstleistungswüste auf deutsch enttäuscht…nicht jeder hatte engl. als Zweitsprache, sondern auch span. + franz.

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Anyone else find it funny the new event is literally an NPC Casino war?