The Spectator Experience: A Fancy UI Guide


(CCP Logibro) #1

Watching the Alliance Tournament is a great deal of fun, seeing all the close matches and sitting in awe of those teams that surgically dismantle their opponents. As part of the watching experience, we show you an overview of all the ships in the match in what we call Fancy UI.

Fancy UI shows team bans, ship status, each team’s overall state, and the time remaining in the match. In the middle at the top you can see the current match time remaining. The countdown clock will be yellow when counting down to the start of the match, white during normal match time and red during overtime. The countdown clock will also show the reverse Time Dilation factor in overtime. In the bottom left corner, we have the commentator camera, while in the bottom right we have the overview camera providing a wider view of the battlefield. In the top left and right corners you have the ships that each team banned. Finally, taking up most of the space in the middle we have the Battlefeed. The Battlefeed is split into two parts, one for the red team and the other for the blue team.

Here we have the red team half. At the top you have the team’s name and the total number of points scored by that team so far. Points are scored by destroying enemy ships, with the team with the highest score at the end of the match winning. Directly below the team name, you have the Team Information bars. These three bars give an overall indication on how the team is performing. The bars are scaled for each team, but each type of bar is scaled separately. The bars are:

  • Defense, showing the team’s total repair capacity in purple and how many hitpoints the team has remaining in blue. This bar takes into account resistances and active modules.
  • Attack, showing the amount of damage per second generated by that team in red with the theoretical maximum damage per second output in grey. This bar takes into account ammo loaded and whether ships are overheating their weapons.
  • Control, showing how much offensive electronic warfare is active from the team in green and how much potential electronic warfare that team possesses in grey. This includes modules such as ECM, Stasis Webifiers but not modules like Remote Tracking Enhancers or Remote Sensor Boosters.
    Below the Team Information bars, you can see the Battlefeed which lists all the team members and their status. From left to right, each part is:
  • Number of points the ship they’re flying is worth
  • The pilot’s name
  • The ship’s current speed
  • The amount of structure, armor and shields remaining
  • The ship’s type
  • Icons for any active remote effects against the ship (such as remote repairs, ECM or Stasis Webifiers).
    The order of information for each pilot is reversed for the blue team side of the Fancy UI, but is otherwise the same.

«Эта неделя в EVE» №163 (22 июля-4 августа)
EVE Wochenschau #163 (29. Juli- 4. August)
This Week in EVE #164 (August 5 - 11)
EVE Wochenschau #164 (5. - 11. August)
«Эта неделя в EVE» №164 (5 - 11 августа)
This Week in EVE #163 (July 29 - August 4)
(Sam Knob) #2

Maybe that’s just me but there’s a couple of things I want to say about the presentation of AT matches in general. I find AT matches very hard to follow, but it’s going to be hard to explain without providing an example so I’m going to demonstrate this by using screenshots of an AT match:

Ok, couple of things I like, couple of things I don’t. You can see all the ships and how they’re positioned, that’s good, this gives me a good idea of what’s going on. All the ships are labelled as well, so I can keep track of where people/ships are, even though the labels are uncomfortable to read and the alliance ticker being a complete waste since I can clearly see by the colors, which team a ship belongs to. Also I’d like have each ship icon overlayed with a small picture of that exact ship, so it would be even easier to keep track of ships, but ok, that’s a minor thing.

Recommendation: Remove the alliance ticker, make the label [[SHIPTYPE]] [PILOT_NAME] all in bold text.

Ok we just went from an amazing camera angle to a terrible one. Lots of ships are offscreen for no reason, one can hardly tell what the red team is doing and even the launched bombs are just barely visible in the lower left.

Good, we’re back to a camera angle where I can actually tell what’s going on. Maybe pan the camera to the right, though, there’s a lot of space to the left containing no relevant information while there’s a rattlesnake offscreen to the right.

Boom, I’ve just gotten comfortable with the camera angle and gained some awareness of who’s positioned where as the angle cuts to a slightly different one. Although it’s almost the same angle as before, I’m spending time orientating myself by looking at the different shiplabels in order to regain the situational awareness.

Oh you like situational awareness? Well tough luck for you, we’ve decided to follow this Vexor around for a bit and focus on that Exequror going down while 2 Thoraxes, a Myrmidon and a N. Brutix go down completely offscreen (granted the Exequror dying is important, but if they would have just kept that sweet overview angle I would have been able to see the other things happening as well). This is like watching an SCII match, ZvT, and in a decisive battle in the T natural the commentators decide to zoom in on a random marine, so everyone can enjoy the actions of one single unit.

You know what? Following this Vexor is so much fun, that we’re just going to continue doing that while now also a Rattlesnake and a second N. Brutix are getting low. Are they close to move away from most of the damage in time? Are they isolated? Who’s applying to who? What’s the positioning, who will be next to get primaried? I. can. not. tell.

There’s a lot to be said about this camera angle, but I think everything I’ve got to say about it is reflected in CCP_Fozzies face, so I’m just going to leave it at that.

THANK YOU. See? Even Fozzie’s happy and clapping his hands out of joy. Now please, just give me some time in this angle to regain situational awareness, please. Do. Not. Switch. The. Angle.

Flips table … That Vexor again! Look at what you’re doing to Fozzie!! He’s all sad again. The Rattlesnakes probably should be the center of attention right now, but maybe I’m just too much of a scrub to understand the secret magnificence of that Vexor.

Alright so here my second recommendation: Keep an overview position on the main view as often as possible, if you want to highlight some ships, then do so in the small screen in the lower right or briefly zoom in with the camera and zoom out again after a brief period. Do not make any cuts, even if you cut to an only slightly different angle, it’s disturbing and confusing because it takes some time to identify the different icons on screen as the actual ships and pilots.

These are just my two cents or (hopefully) constructive criticism. Otherwise great work on that tournament, keep it up.

(Soldarius) #3

ty for this. Confirms some of what we already suspected as to what is included in the team bars. Specifically I’d like to emphasize that the control bar also includes neuts, which are overwhelmingly the largest part, I think due to how much cap they use. This means the bar is based on cap usage of each module, since that is the only thing that any of those modules have in common besides intent.

@CCP_Logibro, could we get a complete list of everything included in the control bar? Obviously ECM, neuts, and tracking/missile disruptors were included. Didn’t know webs were too. Scrams? Anything else? Damps?

(CCP Logibro) #4

Control bar is influenced by the following modules:

  • ECM
  • Tracking Disruptors
  • Guidance Disruptors
  • Sensor Dampeners
  • Energy Neutralizers
  • Target Painters
  • Stasis Webifiers
  • Energy Nosferatu
  • Stasis Grapplers
  • Warp Disruption Field Generator
  • Warp Scrambler