This Week in EVE #163 (July 29 - August 4)


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“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events. The previous overview is here. Blue text links to further information.

The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of week from July 29 to August 4

Dev News

Improvements to Standings UI, Scanning and the Beta map

For the next release on August 15, we have exciting UI improvements coming up. Here are some of the features Team Psycho Sisters is working on:

  • Brand new UI for NPC standings (e.g. you see benefits and drawbacks from NPC good/bad standings)
  • Improved scanning and bookmark naming (e.g. persisting Cosmic Signature scan results)
  • Several changes to the Beta map

Bug fixes are also on the way. Further details can be found in the dev blog and the feature discussion thread.

Structure Improvements coming to you this August

With the August release, we also will get structure improvements.

  • Corporation insurance from within Upwell structures
  • Phasing out legacy starbase industry bonuses
  • New moon scanning UI in preparation for Refineries

There are a couple more changes, especially regarding weapon balancing. Check out the dev blog!

Reminder - New Forums Go Live

The new EVE Online forums are live. After a soft launch end of June, we now have completed the migration.

We have installed redirects so that all previous links should continue working and pointing to the right forum/forum post.

Special offers

IGC SKINs for Vigilant and Vindicator

Following last week’s SKIN offer (IGC Daredevil and IGC bundle), we bring you the next set of fantastic IGC SKINs. Enjoy the amazing SKINs from the Independent Gaming Commission (IGC) for the Vigilant and Vindicator. These SKINs are currently only available during the Alliance Tournament.

Guides and community info

Guide: Mining missions

Mining missions are just like any other missions from NPCs, just that you need to mine ore & gas instead of shooting NPCs. Those missions are an easy way to make some ISK in a relaxed manner on the side. From the start with level 1 missions to level 4 missions, recommended ships and fittings, and strategies: the Mining mission guide by Shriven Intaki covers everything.

How to deploy a Keepstar Citadel?

An interesting look behind the scenes: How to deploy a Keepstar Citadel? With backup! Read the interesting story on The Ancient Gaming Noob.

A guide to the tournament UI

Watching the Alliance Tournament is a great deal of fun! To show the battlefield and what is going on, we have a special overview of all the ships in the match called Fancy UI. Fancy UI shows all sort of stats and useful info in real time from the battlefield. Check out CCP Logibro’s Fancy UI Guide.

Predict the alliance tournament!

With the Alliance Tournament going into its second week, you can participate and predict the results of each match. Check out the fantastic tournament prediction site and make your predictions. Of course, there are also prizes to win!

Project Discovery - A guide to exoplanet discovery

A fantastic guide to Project Discovery and exoplanet discovery. Interesting background info, step-by-step walkthrough, dealing with special cases and more by Rexxar Santaro.

Project Discovery Level 330+

Where do Project Discovery and the search for exoplanets end? Well, at least not before level 330. Aruar has a great video showing how he analyses the light curves and what to watch out for. Have a look!

EVE history - The story of the nullsec stations

Since their first appearance, the conquerable stations in nullsec were focal point of crazy battles and long, fascinating wars in EVE. Help us gathering the rich, player-written history of EVE and amazing stories of those stations! It is your universe, nothing shows it better than this history.

Real life financial speculation and EVE: Jitacoin!

Cryptocurrencies and ICOs are currently a hot topic for financial speculation and real world market traders. What has that to do with EVE? An insider points out: “I think playing Eve Online should be mandatory for anybody trading crypto.” This is pretty accurate!

Community artwork

Planets in EVE Online

How big are the planets in EVE Online compared to real world bodies, for example to planets in our solar system? Funzinn has created an amazing chart showing the sizes of EVE Online planets. The player bbb2020 added interesting info of places to visit.

Ragnarok Jumping in with the fleet

Thanks to Wilhelm Arcturus, we have another amazing shot from deep space. A Minmatar Titan of the Ragnarok class is jumping.

«Эта неделя в EVE» №163 (22 июля-4 августа)
EVE Wochenschau #163 (29. Juli- 4. August)
This Week in EVE #164 (August 5 - 11)
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Thanks for the double mention this week!

I get to brag to my corp again that I have a screen shot in the launcher.

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I say, I say, I say!
Thanks CCP :slight_smile:

Congrats @Wilhelm_Arcturus

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Hehe, very nice shot :grin:

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Fine job, keep it up all.:heart_eyes:

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Nice to see we still have access to the old and ancient forums. There was a lot of good stuff posted in them.

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