Changes coming in August from Team Psycho Sisters

Hey everyone,

Team Psycho Sisters here with a little post about what we have on Singularity ready for you to test before it all goes live in August.

There will be a devblog coming soon with more details. Ideally this would have been out before now, but summer vacations and everything have delayed it a little.


  • When using the “Save Location” option on entries in the Probe Scanner window, the signature ID will now be added automatically to the front of the bookmark name.
  • Scanned signatures will now be persisted for the duration of a client session. They will no longer be cleared on a session change for example docking/undocking, jumping wormholes etc

NPC Standings UI:

  • There is a new Standings UI. Both tabs are currently active but we will disable the old one before releasing to TQ. We are not touching player to player standings UI at the moment.

Beta Map:
For some upcoming work we have had to dip into the Beta map code. The following changes are currently live on Singularity.

  • Reduce the number of solar system labels by only showing those in the selected constellation.
  • Reduce number of constellations by only showing those in the selected region.
  • Always show the selected solar system if any regardless of zoom level.
  • Only expand solar system map once zoomed in beyond a certain threshold.
  • Refined line colors to make selected constellations/regions stick out better. Region and constellation jump lines should now also be clearer.
  • Hovering region/constellation labels now gives a simple highlight effect
  • “Abstract mode” now only flattens to 25% of actual depth and comes with a camera that pans along the map plane.
  • Fixed clicking search entries.
  • Clicking landmarks labels now opens show info.
  • Removed “Color predicted jump route on click” functionality as it felt very confusing.
  • Fixed issue where orbiting the camera could accidentally click a solar system.
  • Average security of systems is now shown on constellation bracket. It goes away when the solar system is selected.
  • When in grouped mode, clicking a constellation or region is now much more snappy.
  • Hovering a solar system will now show how many jumps away it is.
  • Now using fitting screen nebula with scanning window background effect (hatched lines tinted with UI theme color).
  • Fixed issues with map when in a wormhole system.
  • Bumped up opacity of constellation markers a bit.
  • Introduced a breadcrumb style label that shows the selected region/constellation/system and the corresponding faction (if any). Clicking a location will zoom and pan to it.
  • Solar systems in autopilot route are now always shown if zoomed in close enough. Same goes for active system.
  • Map camera is now pitch constrained so it cannot go below the map plane.
  • Clicking a region or a constellation will now zoom in if we’re zoomed out further than twice the look at distance for either of them.
  • Hovering a region or constellation will now highlight its lines.
  • Region labels are now brighter when zoomed out.
  • Ctrl+clicking a solar system will now set it as destination, Ctrl+shift+click will add waypoint.
  • Implemented a very basic compass that points north clicking it will reset the yaw, so north is up. Space North…! This is still being worked on.
  • Double clicking the scene will now take you to your current location.
  • Bookmarks are now shown correctly on the map, both bookmarked systems and entities within them.
  • Made constellation markers a bit brighter when a region is selected.
  • Fixed issue with dragging systems out as links.
  • We also have defect fixes coming.
  • Work has been done to improve the overall performance of the beta map, performance testing is being carried out at the moment to see how much we have managed to improve it.

If you encounter anything you believe is a bug please submit a bug report. If you are unsure how to submit a bug report, please follow this link and have a read

We really look forward to your feedback and comments.

Team Psycho Sisters


ALL THE :thumbsup:


For those of us who can’t get on SiSi in the near future, screenshots of changes posted to the forums would be great. :smiley:


Working on the devblog, just wanted to get this up asap :slight_smile:


About gorram time. :fireworks:


\o/ o7

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I couldn’t agree more. This is the one feature I’ve been lusting after since I started playing!

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Explorers everywhere just cried out in ecstasy and passed out.


Explorers rejoice!


Put a baby in me.


Squeee! :heart_eyes:

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Cool changes!

Just jumped in Sisi to check the new Standings UI.

Suggestion: Would be good if the factions/corps/agents are arranged in order of standing points - the most positive on top and going down to the most negative at the bottom. Alternatively, or in an addition to that, they may also be separated in “liked by” and “disliked by” tabs just like the old UI, if that doesn’t make things complicated, of course.

Overall, the new breakdown of the upper bar, showing the details is amazing, well done! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Noticed that it doesn’t seem to take Social skills into account… Is this intended?

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hmmm it should be taking skills into account, where applicable, throw in a bug report with some examples you are experiencing and I will happily take a look.

Would be nice if you could somehow make it so when you bookmark the actual WH it will keep the sig compared to the warpin thats normally 8kish off. Prob not possible but would be pretty huge.

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This is pretty cool stuff!

Any chance that this can be extended to the survey probing mechanic for moons?

From what I heard, keeping scanned signatures over a session change was a significant technological hurdle. I’d definitely be interested in hearing what made you guys change your mind and fix it. In any case, great job!

Hoping we can get some answers in the devblog to stuff that was originally promised. Please re-read your original devblog from February, as we were supposed to get explanations on things like the scanning nebulae (was never fixed), and the DScan holograms (still broken).

This is a list of the bugs and complaints that I previously reported, and haven’t seen any progress on.

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Ignore the dev tag, I’m just here as a humble wormhole resident to fanboy over the scan persistence, you guys rock! :smiley:


CCP This is wonderful! Probably one of the biggest quality of life changes for explorers and wormholers in a long time. Thanks guys!


These are great QoL changes. Thanks VERY much.

Is this you finished and moving on from Scanning and Signatures or can we expect some more in this field in following months?