Update to appearance of UI text

Hi everyone,

Later today Singularity will be updated with a new build for testing. Among the things you may notice will be a slight change to the appearance of the text in the UI. We are experimenting with some new rendering techniques to enhance readability of the text.

Since the update will be arriving on Sisi before formal communications about this change are ready we just wanted to make a quick post to say yes - if the UI text looks different you’re not imagining things, it’s on purpose and we’ll be giving you more information on the how’s and why’s and seeking your feedback soon.



Thank you for letting us know in advance.

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will this be a new mirror

Very tentatively - I don’t think the next mirror will be occurring until later in October.

Couple quick notes from being on Sisi today (before it died), the size of the text now makes the fitting window worse to use because you can’t have all the info windows on the right hand side open at the same time.

Also, if the inventory window is set to icon mode, many items of a similar type no longer show enough information to differentiate them without mousing over every single stack. An example of this is cap booster charges - prior to this change it was possible to see the size of each charge at a glance, and now they show up as multiple stacks of indistinct “Navy Cap Booster.”

It would probably be more manageable if it was possible to change the size of the font for different interface elements, but for now it’s just made everything harder to read and reduced the information available to players.

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That’s super useful, thanks!


Hard to read the numbers in that case. But i like it in other places.

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Yea the numbers are horrible, it’s even worse than before this text UI update.

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Guys don’t forget to clear the client cache in the settings and relog. That forces the client to re-download icons and fonts.

I’m going to have a look later today and see how it is looking.

Hello everyone,

Thanks a lot for checking the new font out and sharing your feedback with us. We have been working on addressing some of the initial concerns and issues and are now deploying the following fixes to Singularity:

  • Fixed issue on the fitting window that did not allow to open all info tabs at the same time for Small and Medium font size.
  • Fixed issue on the inventory window not displaying enough information when set to icon mode.
  • Fixed issues with overlapping and cut off text in several locations: Planetary Production, loyalty store, character sheet, Hypernet, note pad, fitting window, fleet window, the Agency, Corporation window.

We would be happy if you could take a moment and see if that makes the overall experience better for you. Thanks a lot!

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old https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/544448472435261441/761887244045778954/2020.

new https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/544448472435261441/761887262505959434/2020.

very nice that you are working to improve the game. but the new font visually takes up more space. to be honest, I don’t like the new bold font.


to be honest, I don’t think it’s an upgrade, it’s a downgrade. the old font is classic, make people feel peace when enjoy the game, focus on the view of space and of course all the kind skins of ship. but the new one just force my sight to stare those white shining numbers and words, like they can spoke in my eyes. at least there should be an option button to chose which font to show, I want keep my eyes after play hours EVE.

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What is happening there is that the font size defaults to ‘Medium’. To compare to what is the closest to Tranquility right now you should go in-game into Settings > General Settings > Font Size and change it to ‘Small’.


when changing the font from medium to small, everything already looks pretty normal and familiar. but
there is a feeling that that the new text seems to be blurry due to a little more bold style

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From your experience, does that apply to all the text or only the one written in bold?

it’s probably just because of the different thickness of the letters. thin font is just more contrasting. but in general it all looks fine.

The new font’s look great

I was actually wondering about this, I been on the test server this last 2 weeks and noticed the upgraded text but had not come here to see that there was an announcement haha. After noticing my client on SISI had the font on medium, I went to the TQ… to also set to Medium haha, but no, theres font size and that’s it, and I didnt see it affect everything.

Whatever you did for SISI, I love it, I like how readable it is. Make it for TQ soon :wink:

Old font is better because it looks sharp, new font looks blurry and probably is a modification of old font but with different scale factor by width. Nothing more is changed! If you want to create new readable font you should create it from scratch, letter by letter. Compare images, left side is old font, right side is modified font:


What font for web design? Not this one. What font for books and magazines? Not this one either.