New font settings are horrible

The new medium font setting as default looks like losing eyesight. It looks blurred and is way to loud. Reverting to small as the default setting leaves parts ott the UI in this medium font setting. This is terrible and I can not look at without getting a headache.

Also, I worry for the eyesight of all CCP teammembers involved in this switchover. Please see an optometrist!


Actually it’s not only medium size, it’s all sizes, as teh new font itself is terrible.

The characters are all blurry and have no distance to each other. “cl” loos pretty much like “d”. “t” and “r” dont stop before the next letter starts. Making the reading actually uncomfortable… short: how to make things worse…


Horrible change and uncalled for. How anyone at CCP can think this is an improvement is beyond me.


Agreed. The new font has many problems, the biggest of which is that the font hinting results in text looking “bolder” or “heavier” than it did before, and there no longer being a distinct, easy-to-notice difference between bold and non-bold text – the character selection screen demonstrates this quite clearly. The hinting parameters are part of the font itself.

The UI Scaling setting plays a large role in this as well, but I’ve tried several combinations of font size (Small/Medium/Large) and UI Scaling percentage (100/110/120%) to try and find something that looks tolerable and none do. I used to use UI Scaling 110% and Medium font size, on a 27" 2560x1440 monitor.

EVE historically used what’s commonly referred to as a “bitmap font” or “pixel font”, which does not dynamically scale particularly well, but we’ve all come to appreciate its per-pixel precision and sharpness. Older EVE players might remember the original EVE font, so players have been through this nonsense before. It’s a highly subjective topic for for a lot of people, ex. some people happen to really like the new font/renderer.

I don’t know what technical problem CCP was trying to solve with this font renderer change. If the issue was that they wanted to move away from a bitmap font and to a vector-based TTF/OTF font, then that’s OK: you can still accomplish bitmap or pixel-precise results in a TTF/OTF (look up ucs-fonts ttf sometime), but it takes a lot of effort on the part of whoever maintains the font, since the hinting has to be done perfectly to retain “pixel precision”, and not ending up with weight/aliasing problems.


Fonts became not normal absolutely. Don’t know how to fix it. New system to make font large just leaving some text small, some text larger even in settings window. CCP please do something with that font rendering.


New font is horrible. Text looks cluttered and clumsy, difficult to read, reminds me of old Vga monitor.


used to be decent UI
font sizes where adjustable ok, with multiple options. Scaling was ok.
They finally introduced 175x and 200x scales for 4k monitors not too far back.

And with one patch they ruined EVRYTHING.

Font is horrible and irritating. UI is less customizable and not suited for different types of monitors.

WHY IN THE WORLD spend time and ruin something that was already decently working? sounds like sabotaging product and business.


The new UI font is indeed horrible. Blurry, too bold/bright, quite difficult to read for me. Tried several combinations of the UI scaling & font size, none gets close to the perfectly fine font used before this patch.

Can’t believe this was considered an improvement by CCP.


I think the rendering results are also very different for different people. I saw a screenshot where the rendering looked terrible. For myself it looks fine. When I watch bjorn bee’s stream on twitch at 1080p and at fullscreen on my 1080p screen it looks fine too.

Have you tried to run it in a window and 1920 x 1080? I don’t think that you would want to use it that way but the rendering quality would be interesting.

I like it. Speaking as someone with 50-year-old eyes, this is easier to read than the previous font.

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Can you revert this crap so we can forget it ever was a thing? Blurry, unreadable… my head hurts just by looking at it.


You can tell by this simple difference.

This is how it was before:




Maybe you shouldn’t compare all-caps to upper-lower case…

It’s easier to read because the font is rounder and exaggerates elements that are important to readability – like the size of the top loop in “e”, or the shape of “o”.

If some people are seeing it as blurry, that likely has little to do with the font itself, and more to do with display settings.


If that would be right, it would go for all fonts…
The blurr appears maynly when the setting is on medium or large scale. So it seems to be a problem with scaling the font…

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This new UI is horrible. What was wrong with the way it was. This new UI is blurry and hard to look at. As someone with not such great eye sight this just makes it worse for me to enjoy playing.


The new UI font are trash. To much bold and no effects on the right click menu in space !
Again: Why changes on a running system ?!


TRASH - spend more time fixing what is not broken and yay cash grab moves.
Why is every menu now see through - damn wallet and market can’t barely read any numbers…

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But why did they do this?


This is the first time i am writing in this Forum since 2008. Just to tell you CCP the new font is HORRIBLE!! I can’t read anything. The only way to explain this, is like: the new font just f**** my eyes!


The redeem windown before enter,m have some items about to expire. The font cant be changed here, and you cant read the expirations date without put yur head 3 cms of the monitor.

2560 resolution here and hate this thing font.

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