New font settings are horrible

For all those complaining about the new font: please calibrate your screens properly, then come back.

(FWIW I HAVE to use a calibrated screen due to the type of work I do. This way when I use a photometer to measure the colour displayed in any given area on the screen, it registers exactly the same colour as it would on any other properly calibrated screen or on a printed CMYK output. White is white, black is black, and FDA050 is FDA050. Native resolution has a part to play as well, if you’re trying to run 1080p on a screen that’s not 1080 pixels high it’s either going to crop or it’s going to resize the panel to fit, and then you’re going to get pixel bleed. There’s nothing CCP can do to help you in this case, you’re going to have to be certain of the native resolution of that panel in front of you and set accordingly).

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ccp and maintaining is a good joke.

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You are just trolling, right?

This has nothing to do with screens being calibrated or not… we are not talking “weird color tones” problem. We are talking blurry, overly bright (compared to the rest of the UI), and poorly hinted UI texts. No amount of calibration is going to change that.

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No changes on the UI font after the 14.10. patch:

Im gonna insta logoff !!!

That was my shortest login time in EVE

its like logging into windows and realizing someone at microsoft in redmond, after 9 pints of beer, decided that the wingding font would be good for the user interface, and ENFORCING IT on patch tuesday :slight_smile: this is just silly


Not true. Never was.
Original font (EveSans) was PostScript Type 1. (The evesansmm.pfb file.)
New font (Eve Sans Neue) is OpenType.

I am not. You would be shocked at the number of times a poor colour output or a mismatched screen-to-paper issue is down entirely to screen calibration or lack thereof.

Not true. Never was. Original font (EveSans) was PostScript Type 1. (The evesansmm.pfb file.)

You’re right. Thanks for the history lesson.

But the fact remains the font hinting on this new font is extremely different (subjectively worse; not going to repeat myself, details provided in previous posts of mine), or being processed differently by the renderer. It’s hard to deny when compared to the previous, the even older, and the even older-older (latter is hard to fully analyse due to use of high compression in the JPEG, but it’s quite clear it’s not the same font). Folks clicking said image links should zoom in and actually look closely at the hinting around glyphs. It’s very obvious when transitioning from chat font size 11 -> 12 (after which, the “heavier” hinting becomes more obvious); sizes 11 and below are less subject to this problem, but have terrible kerning, so it’s a lose-lose-lose situation. The issues I describe become a lot more obvious when trying to differentiate between grey vs. white, and normal vs. bold.

And speaking of kerning, I’ve been avoiding discussing bizarre/inconsistent kerning even with larger sizes. It’s hard for me to work out exactly where the issue is with this, because part of it smells like a broken/wonky Harfbuzz implementation, but this isn’t exclusive to ligatures, so…

Overall? I don’t actually mind the font itself. It does visually looks more vertically “stretched” than before, but I can live with that. It’s the font hinting (“heavier weight” that is uncomfortable, along with some equally bizarre glyphs, especially the numerics (the 5 glyph is certainly odd). Again, it’s subjective, but for me it’s severe enough that I’ve barely put in any game time since this patch because of how off-putting it is. :frowning:


This is not necessarily a font attribute. Judging from the patch notes, they changed the rendering procedures, not the font itself.

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It’s definitely less readable than before, regardless of the size you choose.


Login = No UI font changes after 15.10. patch = logoff :rage: :rage:

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Login = Worst UI font changes after 16.10. patch = pls fire your noob font coding artist :bangbang:

This looks like not professional coding :bangbang:

CCPls ask Google for professional help :bangbang:


The overview font is way to bold :rage:



The rightclickmenu in space is for font style “large” way to small and has a diffrent font style :rage:


Please made this font thickness from the rightclickmenu as global font thickness in the client :bangbang: :bangbang:

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I simply refuse to look at this font. It’s horrible.
Also, why aren’t names in chat in bold anymore? It’s been a good guide to distinguish separate posts.

“Unnecessary change of 2020” award imho.

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In the fitting/simulation window we can not expand all the stuff, because the font thickness is to thick :bangbang: :bangbang:


Someone at CCP knows how to annoy thousands of users for no valid reason.

And not responding to real physical concerns and problems of a broad minority with visual challenges of all kinds is tantamount to juvenile highschool antics -
"we dont need to listen to you, our software just needs to look cool, we’re off to do something else now - we dont have time for you silly crybabies anymore ".

And why on gods green earth does the right click sub menu have to be smaller than all other fonts in the game? is it to make it impossibly hard to read and reach to click for people with eyesight issues and strain the wrists of people who’ve been using a mouse at work for 3 decades to the max so it really burns and aches to hit the correct menu item?
Do you younger guys even understand what awaits you in the future working with mice for a few decades more???

Yeah I’m a crybaby here - but this was over the top unnecessary to force and foist upon us.
This really pissed me off royally.
I Never wanted to feel negative towards any of the dev teams but I do now.

Removing choices and removing features, names and sounds we’ve grown to appreciate is one thing,
but actually making it physically harder for older people and people with handicaps/challenges to access and use the game is beyond words.

for real.

Unnecessary change award of the decade - imnsho

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After the worst UI font style patch, the nummber of fittet laucher and/or turrets thingy looks like not centered between the borders in the fitting window.
Pls fix that, thanks.


Login after the 20.10. patch = again the worst UI font i’ve ever seen :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

CCPls rename EVE Online to EVE Online - Early Access :joy: