Impossible to play because of tiny unreadable font size

It is still impossible to play due to the tiny unreadable font size.
When are you planning to fix this and adding possibility to increase it?
This is so pathetic that the developers are making fixes that make the game unplayable and don’t fix it several monthes.

Okay, I felt like the readability of the font was made slightly worse, but some people seem to really hate it. Thus, I wonder if there is something else going on that is making the font display even worse for them than for other people. For example, some people were pissed about the agency always popping up when they logged in. And other people were like, “why don’t you stop complaining dipshit, and just hit the button telling the agency not to start when logging in.” Well, it turned out they couldn’t see that toggle box because their screen resolution was too low. Thus, I’m wondering if something like that is going on. Could there be something particular about some players’ displays, display settings, graphics cards, or whatever that is affecting the way text is being displayed for them? In fact, I’d kind of like to see a picture of your monitor to see if you see what I see.

Of course, I wish CCP would give players the option to select between 2 or 3 fonts (or change font settings like kern) so that they could pick the settings that worked best for them.

Regardless, I guess one thing you could do is to try adjusting display settings like sharpness and/or contrast to see if that helps.

Oh, and I know nVidia (at the very least) allows you to set settings graphics settings that override the in-game settings. Perhaps you could try setting it back to letting the 3d application decide to see if that helps.

And, of course, you can adjust U.I. scaling and font sizein-game if you weren’t aware of that already. Unfortunately, doing that can have a big impact on screen real-estate and the amount of information that can be displayed in a given space.

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Nvidia settings don’t work. We have a slightly readable font size for example in overview (and this font has BLUR. Jesus CCP why?!) and a very tiny unreadable font in the “right click” context menu.

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