How to increase font size?

The “Large” font size in the settings screen is either not applying to the right-click menu, or it’s still too small. Is there a way to increase the font size even further, maybe in a config file?

This is after the new font change.

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Have you restarted the game (not just “log out” but “quit”)?

I have.

The font size of the right-click menu is too small,I can’t see it clearly.

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Wish it had more granular control (i.e. the ability to type in a specific number), but there you go.

Also wish I could select between a few fonts, that way I could pick the one with the best readability for me.

Up. Font is too small on large settings. Unreadable.

Can we please have an option to change the gray text to white. Gray is very hard on these old eyes.


Not just that.
I would like if we could edit colors, bolding and other stuff.
I mean its 2020 what could go wrong?


Same here. Support all suggestions above

This makes the game impossible. The menu cannot be read because of tiny small size.

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