Font Size goes back from 15 to 12 after (restarting game / new channels or conversations initiate)

Greetings to the GM reading this.

This relates to the chat channel system.

Too many times have I logged in to not be able to read what’s being said in chat. I have near perfect vision as well, but my monitor does not reflect that. I need to change the Text Scaling up from 12 to 15 each time I log in… For each channel… Each pm… every time I even remotely touch the game.

There is no way to save your preference, which is where feedback comes in!

My suggestion is simple : Have Font Sizes Save, so when you’re log you don’t have to reconfigure it; each time you log in, for each chat, every single time.

Hear me out : There are people around the globe with sight problems, if a new player joins Eve Online and can hardly read anything. They will most likely leave. This is not a straightforward game, you do not follow a quest-destination marker 24/7 that you can blindly follow.

With this being said, I believe even for my situation as a corp leader this would be beneficial.
I get pms 24/7.

My default font size is 12. I can hardly read anything on the screen when it’s at 12. I have to change approximately 10-40 pms per day to font size 15. With my speed, i’m almost losing a half an hour of just being able to progress, due to the UI. My time is limited, however I am around often.

This can get very repetitive and very frustrating. Especially when it’s just a player asking a simple question such as, “Where is a nearby trade hub?”

That statement if put into the game would then be put to such a small text, that it can get pixelated and related mesh blending in with previous text.

I am going to stop here as I am sure you could think of a few reasons this could be useful towards the game too. It would make Eve Online a bit more user friendly towards those who do not have the best sight (or not having best monitor).

I have submitted a ticket, to attempt to give some feedback, and was given the response to come post over here with the idea so more are able to see it, and provide feedback.

This is my post for feedback, pertaining to font sizing. They should save, not reset each server shutdown.

Side note / request : Please don’t make the font sizes non-linux friendly. Try to keep with in CoreFonts, it made things simple when trying to execute the game launcher. I don’t use linux on this PC, however I have had Arch-Linux distros in the past.

Thank you for your time everyone, I hope this feedback gets implemented and not fallen through the cracks. This would help many different people if it just had a simple save button in my theory.

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