Useless changes to fonts

why? Like, what are you smoking? it’s bad, you should stop. We didn’t ask for this, EVER. The new “choose your font” is stupid as ■■■■. It’s totally retarded. If I switch to small fonts, I get eve as it’s always been, EXCEPT THAT NOW IF I RIGHT CLICK THE MENU IS ALSO INCREDIBLY SMALL. WTF??? Plus changing fonts also changes the size of names of ppl in chat windows, local, market!!!, everything. Why, WHY DID U DO THIS? BALANCE THE FREAKING SHIPS INSTEAD OF WASTING TIME LIKE THIS. SERIOUSLY. You’re all nuts. Totally.



I too think the new font was a step backwards, but this is getting ridiculous. This is at least the third thread about the font made today, and that is on top of the already existing dev thread about the font changes and the general patch feedback thread. Perhaps, you should try posting in one of those threads, instead of creating redundant ones.

Closed for redundancy.