So apparently CCP changed the typeface on Sisi


Maybe CCP should look into subpixel accuracy and ray-marching text instead of using bitmaps.
In any case, you decide this all for yourself.

I’m just here to fuel your fire. : - )

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Huh, that looks very much like the font the oldest EvE font I remember was supposed to look like, the Frontier First Encounters in-game font.

Not a bad thing, but then I havent had any font woes.

You remember such a thing? Impressive!

One of the things that got me into EvE was how much they had seemed to be inspired by that game.

Wierd how EvE stuck with me a bit more than FFE descendant Elite Dangerous has.

Yes, and the new fonts in interface are not good becase:

  1. If you set your font to 90% ui the font stays the same size in UI
  2. If you set font to small, font stays the same doesn’t change to small in UI.

i hope they fix this on sisi.

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