New Fonts and colour!

im here all day and see people complaining about the new fonts and gray colour… me and my brother we both need glasses… and we are struggling now extremely…
Why they need to make this change???
What was the purpose ???
up to now… everybody so far having issues with their ayes are complaining


yeah, terrible change. CCP haven’t done any form of UX testing on this. I struggle to read it now it’s gone grey on a grey background.

My old eyes are not great either, but I had no issues with the new font at all. Perhaps some UI elements need a little realignment, but as a UI dev myself I understand a font change can have some unintended consequences here and there.

I dont even want the old font back. I just need to know WHY? Why CCP? What did UI do to you so it had to end up butchered like this?

They changed it because it looks good on their office PCs.

Who cares what we think.

You can increase the font size in your settings, I hope it helps you guys! :slight_smile:

interesting… all people who is playing unhappy and complaining " in game" non stop… but there is a happy bunch "in forums " how come ?

I’ll match the happy bunch and raise you one angry mob

p.s. you gave the answer: those that are playing are unhappy, those that are not seem happy

of course im angry… im having nousea at the moment … even with glasses … i stand in rookie help english help answering questions … and always nice to talk to new pilots… now im having nousea … for what ???

Thay gray is the ■■■■, i WISH for customizability of fonts and colour plz… cant be that hard.


Some colour and contrast options would be nice, but full customization might be more programming than they are willing to do.

The main issue I have with the new change - the text in the R-Click drop down menu, which was already small to begin with, is now even smaller.

i think i foud one possible reason … After i read ■■■■ loads of articles about why gray on gray is very baaad idea … and some research reports … this guy seem on the point and possible explanation why CCP act like that


I sympathize. I don’t know why CCP went messing with something that (afaik) absolutely no one was complaining about. I mean, I’d understand if they increased the readability for accessibility purposes, but they didn’t. They made things a little bit worse.

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