Singularity Update - 5 June 2020

Hello everyone,

The Singularity Test Server has been updated with some of our upcoming content and we invite you to log in and test it to your heart’s content!

Remember that what you see on Singularity today is not final and is subject to change based on feedback and final touches of our development teams, before it arrives later this month on Tranquility.

What’s new?

An exciting quality of life feature has been added that will let players return to the Character Selection Screen to select a different character on the account without needing to log out of EVE Online. The team would be interested to hear if anyone is experiencing issues with the following:

  • Returning to the Character Selection screen when in station or space.
  • Character specific data such as chat channels, login rewards, contracts, etc. overflowing from one character to another.
  • All in-game sound effects are stopped and only the music from the Character Selection Screen can be heard upon returning to the screen.

The EDENCOM Skybreaker (Frigate) and Thunderchild (Battleship), along with the new Arcing Vorton Projector weapon, are also available for testing! Please take these bad boys for a spin, check their stats and industry chains (not final!), and let us know what you think.

Mass Test

There will be also a Mass Test on Tuesday, 9 June to test the performance on the lightning weapon – please keep a close eye on more details that we will be sharing soon!

How to log in to Singularity?

Accessing Singularity is very easy! All you need to do is change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as usual. More detailed instructions are available here.


Known issues:

  • The graphics of the Stormbringer, the cruiser version of the EDENCOM ships, is still WIP and missing textures (= showing completely black).
  • Several of the new items are still missing correct icons.
  • Being investigated: Client crashes (possibly related to using new Vorton weapons)
  • Being investigated: Unable to load character screen with some new skill in the skill queue.

Vorton Power Amplification has an old requirement skill.
No sound (yet).
Projector hits friendly drones.
Rats don’t stay within 10k of eachother (cpplz fix lol)
Names are so bad they cannot possibly be final, both ships and ammo.


The new ships are going to get me to stay resubbed if they aren’t too expensive. This is the first ship tree I’ve looked at and thought “God yes I am moist give them to me.” These will likely get me in to pvp as their bonuses are exactly what I wanted, and are enough to break up the current meta in which I feel a bit too afraid of being able to deal with interceptors and small ships.

The character switching update is GOD TIER and I am loving it, especially when I have to swap between my PvP and PvE clones.

:red_circle: Just curious: Why is the BS a child while the frigate breaks open the heavens? More logical and interesting progression would be

  1. Stormbringer - Frigate as it’s the first harbinger of the coming storm
  2. Thunderchild - Cruiser as it’s the lightning and rage of the storm that has arrived
  3. Skybreaker - Battleship as it’s the final form of the raging storm that tears open the heavens

btw I undocked from the CCP Keepstar in M-O on SiSi in the new battleship, sat there for 20 seconds, and crashed without touching a module.

Now the game isn’t letting me log back into SiSi with that character

Yeah I had the new skills in my skill queue so thats why I can’t login

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Please, add new mirror!


It hits friend and foe, and has abysmal DPS, I’m not excited. Looks more like a gimmick.


Also curious to see how these work in lowsec with crimewatch.

Also am unable to select the character that is actively training the new EDENCOM skills.


Would it be possible to seed infinite skill injectors in the testing Keepstar so we can test different skill combinations? Or maybe put in a something like the blue frog from the Star Wars Galaxies test servers?

I’m sure many people will use it to give themselves ALL THE SKILLS, but there are also players like me who want to explore how the applicable skills for EDENCOM skills work out.

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DPS - abysmal (solo - probably OP in large groups)
Ship names - rather puerile
All the extra Gunnery skills - taking the piss (duplicate existing skills - imagine having to train surgical strike for every gun type…).

Voltron Extension = Sharpshooter
Voltron Power Amplification = Surgical strike
etc etc

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Also Thunderchild sounds weird, maybe a different with Thunder… something.

Hey! Just a few things since the update got pushed out: When I log in to my account and launch my main account under Sisi, the character selection screen is stuck to where I cannot log into my characters. They also partially load, as in the character name for Prometheus Hinken loads but not for my Jita alt or JF alt. Mousing over doesn’t change anything, but I can do basic things like hit the ESC key and bring up the menu, or click on the redeem arrow and go to the redeem items. (EBR-201017). I have some new Vorton skills in my training queue; perhaps that is causing this issue.

For the Thunderchild, I noticed that the Vorton gun does not designate Friend or Foe for either other players in your fleet, corp, alliance, or just standings. This extends to drones as well, to include your own. Is this by design?


Personally, I quite like the Thunderchild as the name for the battleship (but that is entirely my personal opinion).
The ships themselves are very solid fitting and stat-wise. The main issue is the gimmicky nature of the Vorton weapons. A nice chain of damage against mutliple ships is very satisfying, but ultimately loses it’s shine pretty quickly when you are plinking harmlessly against battleships and other heavy tanked ships.
There needs to be a single target mode for the Vorton projectors, which has dps comparable to standard weapons, whether as a firing mode, or as an ammo type.
It’s also rather odd that the damage type for a weapon specifically designed to fight Triglavians targets the two damage types they aren’t weak against (EM/Kinetic). It’s EM is thematic for the style of weapon but not thematic lorewise. Maybe EM/Explosive or EM/Thermal would be better.

Great QOL improvement. Though very buggy.

Could you please pass on that a per character based config instead of a overall config is highly welcomed. Window, audio settings,… all based on the character (I would finally turn on the music volume again instead of having to use an external music player to listen to the beautiful eve music.)

No insurance on the Stormbringer & Skybreaker but you can insure the Thunderchild?

Personal thoughts:

  • Names for ships are somewhat ok.
  • Names for ammo are euhm… I will withhold any further comments on this topic.
  • Ship design not my thing. They don’t look bad but nothing that makes me go want to get one. And HIGHLY suspicious that I see so many triangles on EDENCOM ships. :giraffe:
  • Low EM shield resistance when the weapons are EM and ships are Shield based :thinking:
  • Ships have no role bonus.
  • No Pikachu skin or sounds for the new ships and weapons. :stuck_out_tongue: (please don’t this is just a joke)
  • Weapon effects look good. Wouldn’t mind more spark and flash.
  • Sounds are good. Wouldn’t mind more crackle and pop when they fire.
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Skybreaker badly needs a utility high if it is going to see use beyond getting on as many third-party killmails as it can.
Stormbringer and thunderchild as they are are better for making bloc fleet members panic so their logi hate them than for actually getting kills. Stormbringer is anemic to the point it total damage across the whole arc is low for a cruiser and thunderchild can’t hit anything smaller than a shield battleship.

Importantly the hit effect itself is on the edge of seizure inducing. The arc is fine but the hit creates a large flashing area.


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First of all, you need to have a storm at a location to have thunder.

While i will concede that Thunderchild is a poor subsitute for Thunderforge, Skybreaker sounds as if a 12 year old has been handed the keys to the EDENCOM naming conventions.