Singularity Update - 5 June 2020

Perfect match!

ships are nice !

why not make them use the precursor skill books and the same skills as all the other weapons? Most people have already trained the precursor ship skills for trig ships. Might make sense to use precursor ship and weapon skills for them too. Also, why new surgical strike etc skills for vorton guns? Disintegrators use the standard gunnery skills, no need vor vorton guns to be different lol.

What would be cool is if they get role bonus similar to trig ships and have more high slots, bonus could be smartbomb and neut activation cost, as well as remote shield booster range(similar to remote armor repairer range). They also need more drone bay and something that affects explosion velocity and radius

Is there any recourse for those of us who crash due to the bug and can no longer log in again due to the issues described above.

Hi, cannot log in SISI atm, readded account, no bonus.
Goes to the screen where you select character, but doesn’t proceed from there.


Speaking of which: How about CCP fixes that for everything? It is quite annoying that the industry window setting are shared account wide instead of being character specific. I use personal jobs on one char and corp jobs on another char, both chars are in completely different groups but I still have to switch back and forth between personal owned and corp owned jobs and assets in the indu window. Would be very nice if we could finally get rid of this.

How are we ment to test a new feture on sisi properly when that new fetures skilling means you cant log into sisi to test it
mass test is going to be not so mass if people cant log in


We just updated Singularity with a patch, which should fix the stuck character selection screen. The crash issues related to the new weapons should hopefully be fixed as well.
edit: Unfortunately it seems like the crash fix did not work. :frowning: Back to the drawing board.

I’ve got some feedback concerning the new ships and weapons- the naming schemes for the weapons and ammo have inspired a post that I’ll link here:

And the weapon mechanics themselves have some issues I submitted in the form of a bug report earlier, but which I’m also copying and pasting here:

In their current state, the Vorton Projector weapon system are inferior to all other weapons outside of extremely specific circumstance.

Currently, an Upwell ship using a Vorton Projector mirrors a base damage that’s about 1/5th of other same-class ships across up to 5 targets, making them apply absolutely anemic damage in any situation where there aren’t five targets right nearby each other - and making any other ships the better choice in all but those specific situations.

In fact, this weapon might not even be the best choice for what it’s designed to do - as any normal ship could apply damage in a similar way, and be able to choose their specific numerous targets, simply by ungrouping their weapons and firing on multiple locked targets at once. What’s more, any other ship could still be capable of hitting a single target for full damage simply by grouping their weapons again - while the Upwell ships are instead stuck applying only their far inferior base damage.

Instead, multipling the base damage of the Vorton Projector ammunition by 5, and having the applied damage SPLIT up to five times (instead of mirroring), would grant the ships far more versatility and lead to far broader adoption & usage by players across different areas of the game. Let’s take the Battleship, for example, given Large Vorton Projector V, Large Vorton Specialization III, the large faction turret, high-damage tech II ammo, and three tech II damage mods:

Current iteration:
1 target (0 bounces): [1: 354 DPS]
3 targets (2 bounces): [1: 354 DPS / 2: 354 DPS / 3: 354 DPS]
5 targets (4 bounces): [1: 354 DPS / 2: 354 DPS / 3: 354 DPS / 4: 354 DPS / 5: 354 DPS]

Proposed change:
1 target (0 bounces): [1: 1770 DPS]
3 targets (2 bounces): [1: 590 DPS / 2: 590 DPS / 3: 590 DPS]
5 targets (4 bounces): [1: 354 DPS / 2: 354 DPS / 3: 354 DPS / 4: 354 DPS / 5: 354 DPS]

Again, to re-iterate:
– Vorton Projectors can only apply full damage when there are five targets to hit
– In any other situation, they are the inferior weapon
– Any other ship is also capable of dividing damage in this way by simply splitting its weapons
– And what’s more, any other ship doing this can still apply full damage to a single target by shooting all weapons at one target

Multiplying the damage of all ammo types by 5, and having the weapon split damage instead of mirroring the 1/5th value across up to five targets, would allow for these new and exciting ships to see use outside of the very niche fleets they could be expected to fly in right now.


Third and lastly, it’s abundantly clear that the model being used for the Battleship (Thunderchild) was originally designed as a smaller ship like a destroyer or frigate, and was scaled up to battleship-size - I’m wondering if there’s any word on whether its model will be modified or changed to better reflect its size and role?

If there’s any way you could push any of this to the relevant developers @CCP_Habakuk @CCP_Dopamine, I’d appreciate it~ I’d love to have a specific feedback thread to discuss these ships and weapons at some point, as well.


As much as I like the idea, it would make the ship useful.

Yeah the new vorton projector is say… Lacking in dps


I got a question about the new vorton weapons: As they have their own Damage Amplification skill, but is into Gunnery branch, is Surgical Strike no longer applying with they? And so the other gunnery skills: rapid firing, motion prediction, sharpshooter and controlled bursts?

edit: just noticed that Sharpshooter skill is in the mastery certificate of the ships, but I don’t see any optimal range change with the Sharpshooter implant

Could test it by watching the DPS and applying a surgical strike implant

thanks for the help. Tested it and Surgical Strike don’t apply to vorton weapons, at least the implant.

and… no rigs at the moment? and no implants?

They are most likely just testing out the base weapon at the moment and adjusting damage, I found it lacking even from a battleship. It sounds cool on paper but trying to balance out “A weapon that is just like the keepstar doomsday” sounds difficult. Considering it can hit more than on target

It would be cool if These ships use the existing precursor weapon and ship skills, which most ppl have trained already. Just add new vorton specialisation skills just as we have for each weapon type(and then seed These ships under the precursor market tab instead of the Navy ships).

Also, use the existing gunnery skills(rapid firing, surgical strike etc) for the vorton guns. having a specific surgical strike skill for vorton guns makes as less sense as having a surgical strike skill for disintegrators, hybrid turrets, lasers etc… Also, there is no equivalent to a rapid firing skill for vorton guns.

about damage: it is quite low, 400dps on a bs lol. I’d suggest adding a mode similar to tactical destroyers where it can chose from either Splitting damage or Focusing all at one target and either doing 5 times that damage or ramping damage over time just like for disintegrators or something similar. They also bounce to drones and structures in pve sites, making it useless for pve. Bouncing mechanic Needs to be adressed, as it would be easy to just deploy a lot of small drones to mitigate damage.

so my suggestins for focused dps mode:

  1. multipy damage by 5
  2. multiply damage by 2.5 and then add 5% dps per cycle to another 150% just like disintegrators(with mimesis imps even less per cycle, but then like 260%)

Ships itself could use more Fitting space, a medium vorton gun eats nearly 90% of the PG from the cruiser, making it impossible to even fit a mwd and Shield extender without pg rigs etc. Its the same issue as for disintegrators on trig ships, but not so severe as on the edencom ships. They Need a bit of love too, they dont have utility hi slots. My suggestion, give them like 3-4 utility hi slots and add role bonuses similar to trig ships.


  • Smartbomb activation cost(same as trig ships
  • Nosferatu work regardless of enemy cap or neutralizer activation cost
  • Range for remote Shield boosters and/or remote cap booster, or even remote tracking computers…
  • etc

Also dont Forget to add a mutaplasmid for the vorton tuning Systems :slight_smile:


Ouuuh, so that’s why logging on doesn’t work, nor does the client appear to ever get a state of rendering things correctly and crashes every 5 seconds.

Hey maybe I have silly expectations but after only 17 years of development, I was hoping the client would work some day.

I am only paying a monthly fee for a service I cannot use, why would THAT be upsetting or anything.

de Weapons need more damage

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need a high alpha single target ammo

@Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci makes great points above, I simply think these weapons are going to be far too situational to see any widespread use, but that’s just my first impression, we all know how creative we get when stuff gets unleashed for real.

I don’t know if his proposal is the best proposal, I’m not a game designer, just a player. Another idea to throw out there is increasing the DPS, but lowering the bounces, so theyre more impactful when they do happen. When I first heard the concept, I immediately though about defanging carriers, bouncing between the fighters, but as of right now the damage isnt quite there for them to do that. It makes me wonder what situation theyre supposed to excel in, and why I shouldnt use another ship in its place.


A suggestion for making the Vorton weapons viable for fleet use; have the projector beam DPS escalate with the number of active nearby Vorton ship fleet members currently using theirs. Sort of an automatic, stacking command burst that occurs just by using the weapon.

As it is, it only seems to be good for killing very small targets especially in close proximity. But we have smart bombs for that.