[Suggestion] Naming conventions for Vorton Projector turrets and ammunition

Here they come at long last: ship-fitted Arcing Vorton Projectors

I’ll save most of the theories and connections for another thread - this one is about names. The following two parts suggest a more united naming scheme for thes weapons and their ammunition, based primarily on the theme of storms that the ships themselves already follow.


Originally developed by the Upwell Consortium for use on Keepstar Citadels, the Arcing Vorton Projector is a product of spatiotemporal engineering and a weapon capable of striking multiple targets in rapid succession.

This is a simple suggestion, for something I’m confident CCP is already working on.

Currently, the turrets have standard names that should be changed before release, using Small, Medium, and Large for their names. These should be changed to Light, Heavy, and a special name for the large type respectively - following naming conventions for all other turret types. The proper format, along with a suggestion for the large variant (following the storm theme of the Upwell ships), follows:

SMALL - Light
Small Vorton Projector ⮕ Light Vorton Projector
Small Compact Vorton Projector ⮕ Light Compact Vorton Projector
Small Scoped Vorton Projector ⮕ Light Scoped Vorton Projector
Small Vorton Projector II ⮕ Light Vorton Projector II
Small Consortium Vorton Projector ⮕ Consortium Light Vorton Projector

MEDIUM - Heavy
Medium Vorton Projector ⮕ Heavy Vorton Projector
Medium Compact Vorton Projector ⮕ Heavy Compact Vorton Projector
Medium Scoped Vorton Projector ⮕ Heavy Scoped Vorton Projector
Medium Vorton Projector II ⮕ Heavy Vorton Projector II
Medium Consortium Vorton Projector ⮕ Consortium Heavy Vorton Projector

LARGE - Supercell
Large Vorton Projector ⮕ Supercell Vorton Projector
Large Compact Vorton Projector ⮕ Supercell Compact Vorton Projector
Large Scoped Vorton Projector ⮕ Supercell Scoped Vorton Projector
Large Vorton Projector II ⮕ Supercell Vorton Projector II
Large Consortium Vorton Projector ⮕ Consortium Supercell Vorton Projector


The project to adapt Arcing Vorton Projectors into ship-based weapons required the development of a high-capacity energy source for the new weapons. Ship capacitors are powerful but the immense bursts of energy required to fire Vorton Projectors called for the development of one-shot Condensor Packs capable of retaining ultra-high charges and rapidly discharging them at need. In a novel and elegant solution to the problem of cabling burnout in the projectors, the material of the Condensor Packs is designed to be rendered down into a pool of nanites the ablative nanocabling of the weapons can draw on.

As they are now on SISI, the new ammo for the new Vorton Projector weapon type follow a naming convention that absolutely works for Upwell - the names sound like corporate jargon or nerf guns, which is well in-line with every the theme of Upwell we’ve seen thus far *(for example, the “Upwell Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance”), but which doesn’t inspire a real sense of coolness for a player flying the Upwell ships and using these weapons.

The tech I ammo has two charges focused on EM damage, and two focused on KIN - with one of each being a ranged version, and the other being short-range and high-damage. The tech II ammo splits EM and KIN evenly.

Currently however, the names have no consistent structure to denote their function, though the individual words used do disparately convey meaning. I’ve suggested some more thematic names below, again following the storm theme of all the Upwell ships thus far.

With a theme of storms, it feels natural to apply Lightning and Thunder for EM and KIN respectively - and -bolt and -storm for long and short range ammo respectively fit just as well. As always, tech II ammo follows a somewhat different naming scheme - and given what the Arcing Vorton Projector is based on in the first place, it feels appropriate to reference their origin.


Ranged: MesmerFlux Condenser Pack ⮕ Lightningbolt
Damage: GalvaSurge Condensor Pack ⮕ Lightningstorm

Ranged: SlamBolt Condenser Pack ⮕ Thunderbolt
Damage: BlastShot Condenser Pack ⮕ Thunderstorm


Even-spread EM+KIN:
Ranged: StrikeSnipe Ultra ⮕ Apocrypha
Damage: ElectroPunch Ultra ⮕ Xerah

Jamyl Sarum’s Battleship-fitted Precursor superweapon is called the “Xerah Effect” by CONCORD, in reference to the name of the city on the planet Mekhios over which it was fired on June 10th of YC110 - and the events that reopened Anoikis to New Eden are known to the Inner Circle as the “Apocrypha Event”.

It’s my hope that these suggestions might inspire some pre-release changes - I’m very excited to see how the Upwell ships play out, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them~



Dear lord please. Whoever named this crap should be fired AND burned at the ElectroPunch stake. ■■■■ is flat out embarrassing. And humiliating.


I think that raising the pitchforks and demanding someone’s job is far to extreme for something like this. Maybe dial it back a bit Matti.


How about shouldnt have been hired in the first place?

Please, I like to keep these kinds of threads constructive - heck, for all we know the names they have now might not have been intended to be the final ones in the first place.

Regardless, I much more prefer to hear ideas than takedowns. (Thanks for thinking these names are decent, though~)

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Lore appropriate, sounds awesome.


The original ammo and OP’s ammo both sound bad imo, but OP’s is less cringy of the two.

The “Small/Medium/Large” part of module names is to easily identify which class of ships they fit on; Small = Frigates/Destroyers, Medium = Cruisers/BCs and Large = Battleships. Using other conventions may be more confusing than it needs to be, imo.


The Triglavian weapons are called small, medium, & large disintegrators.

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Just throwing it out there to any CCP Devs that may see this, but “Shield Shield Zap Zap” is currently unused and would be an appropriate name for a lightning weapon ammo. Maybe instead of ElectroPunch? To keep the theming we can call it ShieldShieldZapZap which we can then use as a subtheme for naming the other T2 ammo StrikeStrikeSnipeSnipe.

@Elsebeth_Rhiannon No, that’s untrue, the Disintegrators actually follow the same scheme I laid out here. In fact, there’s quite literally no turret type that flatly uses small/medium/large @ISD_Sakimura, turrets drop the SML for their own conventions - every turret type has its own twist on size names, including the Disintegrators

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Actually you are correct. Don’t know where I got that from even. :smiley:


Except that it defies existing naming conventions and is actually the confusing one. For both trig and empire factions.


Light/Heavy/Special is a terrible scheme, causing so much confusion for newbies over the years. What I’d like to see is these new turrets follow s/m/l as a precursor to the Great Turret Tiericide, which is hopefully coming.

Ammo is 100% an improvement though.

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Tech I - “Zappy”
Compact - “Small Zappy”
Scoped - “Long Zappy”
Tech II - “Zappy 2: Electric Boogaloo”
Faction - “Green Zappy” (laser is green coloured too)


I think we are screwed here. Imagine how excited a Korean nerd is going to get about these names.

Probably the skillbooks, which do use small, medium and large


Right! Because that makes sense…


Cloud names associated with stormy weather. Instead we get something that sounds too hard like it’s trying to be Star Wars or Star Trek.

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