Petition to change Vorton Projector effect when Wormhole are targetted

As we all know it is not possible to activate a smart bomb at 0 of a wormhole or gate. But we can shoot at a wormhole and have the Vorton Projector bounces to anyone trying to make the hole. This is anti-PVP for the same reason that smart bombing is.

at the moment the Vorton Projector is used to deny entry to frig size ships or smaller to enter a wormhole during evictions. You put a bunch of Stormbringer at long range and shoot the wormhole and anyone entering is insta-zapped.

So for the same reason, CCP disallows using smart bombs at 0 from gates and wormholes the wormhole and gates should act as a lightning rod absorbing all the charge (thus preventing any bouncing to additional target
) from the vorton if it is the target.


Finally, someone found a use for Vorton Projectors!

Also I disagree that this would be ‘anti-PvP’. Killing people that travel through gates and wormholes that are otherwise near immune to everything is just the right amount of PvP we need to keep travel interesting. If things like this wouldn’t be possible, how else could anyone ever be killed in their fast aligning nullified ships travelling around?


I never knew this worked with shooting a wormhole. No matter how long you play Eve there are still things to learn. Time to dust off the Edencom ships and experiment.

Also even if you disallowed shooting the wormhole someone could probably just place an alt with high resists there to achieve the same result. Disallowing shooting a player in proximity to the wormhole or gate would really make those weapons useless.


Well you do need something to enable eviction defenders to get some reinforcements in.
Say there is an evict going on and say the hole has a static hs.
There is nothing more anti pvp than not having a chance to get reinforcing pods in the hole if you ask me. So yes you need an instawarp nullified ship that cant fight but cant get caught for that purpose. Hence the nullify shuttle change, which is great.
Being able to use vorton on a hole or gate is a big thing, and its a bad one if you ask me.

Even if you cannot use the weapon on the gare or wormhole, you can just shoot at another target right next to it, like Algathas said:

So what you think is bad about the Vorton weapons is inherent to the mechanics of the Vorton weapons themselves, rather than the fact that it can shoot gates or wormholes.

The fact that these weapons can instantly bounce to nearby ships without locking up those ships is what’s causing you trouble.

That isn’t countered by asking for a nerf to the weapons on the forums, but there are other options:

  • bring ships in space to shoot their Stormbringers
  • fly into the system using ships that have enough resists to survive a volley of Vorton weapons

Good luck!

why, it’s the game mechanics, like Smartbombs hit everything within blast range, and Autotargeting missiles engage any hostile within flight range.

I agree the wormhole should absorb the attack, but believe if an object is place next to it the attack is valid, but would add the chance of an bounce hitting the wormhole would stop it bouncing further, so there’s a chance it’ll do the full 10 bounces or only 1.

you have 50 Mechariel on the hole to blap the bigger ships that don’t instawarp and the Worton to kill of anything else that insta warp. Again for the same reason as no smart bomb near the hole, we need some mechanics on the Vorton to do the same. Otherwise, it is pointless to disallow smart bombs near holes and the nulli shuttle becomes kind of pointless.

at the very least the ship that is placed near the hole is at risk. currently, the edencom ship being a good range do not risk anything really. The WH mechanic could also make it that if it is not the main target then the WH will be the second and will absorb the rest of the lightning.

Okay, I’m not a wormholer here, so this is more of an eye rub moment for me, than me challenging you.

So, let me get this straight:

Wormholers have been arguing that frig wormholes are bad, and that they need to go. And now that someone has found a counter, other people are arguing that that that counter is bad, and that it needs to go.



Not frig hole, every hole any hole.

frig holes are un-rollable. thats the problem with them. and the vorton isnt a counter to frig holes. its a counter to defenders trying to get people in through ANY hole.

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Yes, that was my first idea as well when I saw this thread.

“Frig holes are uncounterable!”
“Vorton Projectors make it impossible for frigates to pass through holes!”

Seems like we have a nice balance?

Vorton Projectors maybe make it difficult to pass through a hole in a small frigate with little health, but they’re not invincible. Bring other ship to fight the Edencom ships?

Or bring ships that can survive a volley of Vorton Projectors?


you cant fight without pilots. pilots need shuttles to get in. it doesnt give the defenders any help unless the defenders have ships to hand out. if they have made that effort, they should have the chance to get pilots in to fight. most of the advantage is still with the attacker, and a frig hole doesnt allow much in the way of combat ships in to defend.

Why do pilots need shuttles to get in? Why can’t they use other ships? There are so many ships in this game!

Surely there must be ships that have more survivability against Vorton Projectors than shuttles.

this is not the same… the only similarity is that they are semi AOE. Not only is this beatable it doesn’t scale to near the same level as smart bombs.

Its sad to see how soft people in WH have gotten, they are worse than nulll bears now.


you are missing the point, you can’t bring ship cause you can’t bring pods cause of the vortron…

guessing you do not live in WH and know nothing about this.

I would think that if they can bring shuttles they can bring other ships.

But please explain the situation why it isn’t possible to bring in the pods inside ships into the system that is camped by the Vorton Projectors, because I may be missing something.

The OPs introduction doesn’t contain adequate information to judge if it’s anti PVP mechanism or not.
Could someone tell me the following questions ? ( I’m super lazy to start up my EVE client )

  1. Does the Vorton Projectors damages applied to the target before targets subwarp ends like smartbombs ? ( i.e. Is the unlockable target affected by the Vorton Projector ? )
  2. How many Vorton Projector volleys required to insta-kill shuttles or interceptors ?

If the Vorton Projector is affected during the subwarp and a single gun can insta-kill shuttle or frigates, it sounds anti-pvp mechanism,

Smartbombs and bombs can kill ships too while they’re warping towards a gate or wormhole, although the latter cannot easily be repeated and require precise timing. Neither are ‘anti-pvp mechanisms’, in fact, they are very much pvp mechanisms.

Vorton Projectors cannot one-shot interceptors on their own, but if you have a sufficiently big group you can blap all kinds of ships with anything. This means you have a lot of ISK on the wormhole grid that someone could attack and kill.